Yellowstone fans can finally start the countdown for the remaining episodes of season 5! After ongoing drama onset caused multiple delays in productions followed by the writers’ and actors’ strikes, Paramount announced a premiere date for the finale episodes of the hit series. 

What Is ‘Yellowstone’?

The show – starring Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly and Wes Bentley, among others – follows patriarch John Dutton, played by the Field of Dreams actor, and his family as they fight to protect their Montana ranch from outside forces.

Yellowstone premiered in June 2018 via the Paramount network. In February 2022, it was announced that the show had been renewed for a fifth and final season.

“We never know what’s next, you know?” Luke, who plays Kayce Dutton, told Entertainment Tonight in March 2022. “We’re sorta on the ride with everybody else. We kinda get [the scripts] as they come and we’re always super excited to see what’s happening next.”


How Did ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 End?

The fourth season came to an end with Garrett Randall (Will Patton) attacking the ranch. “I got a new horse. How’s that?” Kevin, joked to ET about what’s to come in season 5, noting that spoilers “take the fun away.”

Back to the Ranch! Everything to Know About 'Yellowstone' Season 5: Premiere Date and More

The veteran actor added, “It’s one of the more fun things in life to know that it’s a journey and you don’t always know everything that’s going with it.”

Variety confirmed in an April 2022 profile with creator Taylor Sheridan that season 5 will pick up with John Dutton running for governor.

When Did ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Premiere?

Yellowstone season 5 premiered on November 13, 2022, with a two-hour premiere. Hassie Harrison (Laramie) confirmed at the time that “the new season will be split in two parts.”

The fifth season’s first teaser, which was unveiled in August 2022, promised that the Dutton family will “show the world who we are and what we do.” The longer trailer, which dropped on September 29, 2022, promised that “power has a price” as John is officially sworn in as governor of Montana.

The first eight episodes of season 5 aired from November 2022 to January 2023. 

When Does ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Return?

Paramount announced on November 2 that the second half of season 5 will premiere in November 2024, two years after the season began. 

“Within five years, we grew Yellowstone from a hit U.S. cable show with five million viewers into a global hit franchise with over 100 million fans around the world and multiple extensions – and, we’re just getting started,” Chris McCarthy, President and CEO, Showtime & MTV Entertainment Studios, said. “On the heels of 1883 and 1923’s success, our new planned spinoffs, 1944 and 2024, will take audiences on a thrilling, new and unexpected journey with the complex and compelling storytelling that has become a hallmark of the franchise and has helped turn it into a worldwide cultural phenomenon – thanks to the creative mastermind of Taylor Sheridan.”

More to Come?

Fans don’t want to think of the series coming to an end, but creator Taylor told The New York Times in December 2021 that he has an idea for how everything will play out. “It will go as many years as it takes for me to tell the story, but you’re not going to see nine seasons of it,” he shared.

As for Kevin’s take on the ending? The actor wants to see the Duttons get their “s–t together.” He told ET, “I just hope it runs its course in a really fun way with a highly dysfunctional family.”