Life after Bravo. Max Boyens made his Vanderpump Rules debut during the show’s seventh season and was promoted to main cast member during season 8. However, the former TomTom manager only appeared on the show for one full season before he was fired from the reality show after past racist social media posts resurfaced online.

During season 11 in 2024, Max was mentioned in relation to cast member Katie Maloney, as Brock Davies and Scheana Shay claimed that the two had hooked up following her split from Tom Schwartz. Now, fans want to know what Max is up to today.

When Did Max Boyens Join the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast?

He made a brief appearance in season 7 as the manager of Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz’s TomTom restaurant. Max was upped to series regular for the following season.

When announced as a new cast member on the show, his Bravo bio referred to him as “charming” and someone who is “living his best life.” The bio continued, “He also has a wildly active dating life that is governed by only one rule: never date an employee.” However, Max was romantically involved with fellow former VPR star Dayna Kathan while they were on the show together.

Max Boyens Vanderpump Rules
Max Boyens/Instagram

Why Did Max Boyens Leave ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

The restaurant manager was dismissed from the show following a racism scandal in 2020.

Bravo confirmed to Life & Style in June 2020 that Max has been dismissed from the show alongside other cast members who were also facing similar scandals at the time. His firing came after Twitter posts from 2012, in which Max had used the N-word on multiple occasions, had resurfaced on social media.

“I want to sincerely apologize for what I tweeted in 2012 — it was wrong on every level,” he shared in a statement at the time. “It is not a representation of who I am. I am shocked I ever tweeted that and I am disgusted and embarrassed. I am truly sorry.”

While he stayed on as the TomTom general manager even after leaving the reality series, Max eventually resigned from the restaurant in May 2021.

What Is Max Boyens’ Job?

After leaving his role as general manager of TomTom in May 2021, Max went on to work as the general manager at TAO Group from June 2022 until January 2023. He then became the guest experience manager at Mosaic Hospitality Management, where he still works today. Max has also been the Chief Financial Officer at Una Más Cocktails since 2019, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Max was also briefly on the app Cameo, where fans purchase personalized videos from their favorite stars, but his account has since been deemed “temporarily unavailable.”

What Is Max Boyens Doing Now?

For the most part, Max does not keep fans updated with his life on social media. However, he did declare that “good things are f–king coming” in an Instagram post from March 2023. “That’s it. That’s the post,” he captioned the snap.

Despite no longer appearing on Vanderpump Rules, Max has remained close with several cast members and alum. Schwartz referred to him as a “good buddy” on the March 26, 2024, episode of the reality show, and Max posted a photo with Jax Taylor on Instagram in March 2023.

What Happened Between Max Boyens and Katie Maloney?

Scheana and Brock claimed that Katie and Max hooked up in 2023. The story was shared during the March 26, 2024, episode of Vanderpump Rules.

“We were partying the other night and Katie left with somebody in your friend group,” Brock told Schwartz. “It’s your boy, bro.” He also alleged, “She f–ked your best friend.”

While Scheana and Brock didn’t see anything physical happen between Katie and Max, they connected the dots after checking his location and seeing that he was at her house after a night out. The next morning, Scheana looked up Max’s location once again and saw he was still at Katie’s

“We sent a message, ‘Where you at?’” Brock explained. “His location was her house. Then he sent an emoji of a face, eyes and a straight line. Then he wrote, ‘It was bound to happen.’”

The group confronted Katie with the allegations during another outing. “Max came over to my place afterwards? OK. So he came over. So?” she responded. “Why does [Schwartz] need to know about it?”

She also slammed her ex-husband, adding, “When I asked him three months into our separation not to f–k around in this friend group, he did not give a single f–k about what I thought.”

Katie did not confirm whether she and Max hooked up when he spent the night at her place.