Welcome to Suburbia! Bravos’ buzzy new spinoff features a few familiar faces along with some fresh blood. The stars of The Valley are putting the “real” in reality TV. In the new Vanderpump Rules spinoff, VPR alums Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright and their friends navigate adulting in the family-friendly suburbs of the San Fernando Valley. “I’m excited for everyone to see the next chapter in our lives. I think viewers will relate,” Brittany exclusively tells Life & Style.

Cameras captured the tension between both Brittany and Jax (they announced their split in February) and their co-stars Jesse and Michelle Lally, who revealed in mid-March they’d separated. “This show is about the challenges that come with your 40s — balancing marriage and raising toddlers while trying to keep the glory years alive,” says Jesse. Here, the estranged couples and their costars, Kristen Doute and beau Luke Broderick, Danny and Nia Booko, and Janet and Jason Caperna talk to Life & Style’s Fortune Benatar about life in the suburbs.

Jax and Brittany, how does it feel to be back on reality TV?

Jax: It’s great. Now that Cruz [his 3-year-old son with Brittany] is in school, the timing was right. I’m excited for everyone to see what my life looks like as a father.

Brittany: It definitely took some getting used to at first, but now it feels like we never left!

How are you both getting along with Kristen these days?

Jax: The usual. Depends on the day or even the hour.

Brittany: She’s one of my dearest friends!

How did you all meet?

Jesse: In 2002, I signed with the same modeling agency as Jax, and he moved into our one-bedroom apartment in NYC.

Michelle: I met Brittany through Jesse and Jax, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Danny: Jax and I connected at a football game here in LA and quickly became close friends.

Janet: Scheana [Shay] introduced me to the group after we met at a pool party. If it weren’t for her, I would have never met Jason!

Who brings the most drama?

Jax: It’s a toss-up between Jesse and Kristen. You’ll see me in a different light, but, if we’re being completely honest, there’s always a little villainous side to me.

Kristen: I’m sure some will say me, but it’s definitely Jesse!

Luke: Jax is always stirring the pot, but most of the heavy drama is between Jesse and Kristen.

Nia: Jax, Kristen and Jesse.

Kristen and Luke, how is your relationship going?

Kristen: Luke is exactly the person I’ve needed in my life. We balance each other. When I’m overwhelmed, he is able to calm me, and vice versa.

Luke: Wedding bells are likely in the future. I have to make a special trip to the jewelry store before we start planning.

The Valley’ Cast Teases Their ‘Next Chapter’ — and Who Brings the Most Drama to TV
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Newbies, had you watched ‘VPR’?

Jesse: Of course! I had to know how the guy who slept on a futon in my apartment ended up on TV!

Michelle: Honestly … never! I’ve known the girls for years, so I’ve seen the show unfold in real life.

Luke: I hadn’t even heard of it before I met Kristen.

Jason: My favorites are the ones where you see either me or Janet if you pause at the right time.

Janet: Yes! And I still watch every week and think they’re all crazy.