Love Is Blind alum Chelsea Blackwellchats with Life & Style about her post-pod life and exclusively ​weighs in on Sarah Ann and Jeramey Lutinski’s relationship after the backlash from fans has died down.

“I just choose to just eliminate. I feel for them. The hate that I got, [Sarah Ann] got 10 times worse. So, I wanted to reach out to her and apologize for being an asshole to her at the reunion,” Chelsea, 31, who is partnered with Flesh Pack, exclusively ​tells Life & Style.

The LIB season 6 cast lit up Saran Ann and Jeramy at the reunion when they went public with their relationship and revealed that they live together. In the pods, Jeramy chose ex-fiancée Laura Dadisman over Sarah Ann. However, he was in the process of winning ​Sarah Ann back during his engagement.

During the reunion, Chelsea called out Sarah Ann for unfollowing her former female costars on social media, but still following their men.

“I thought that was strange. Nobody was mean to you,” the flight attendant said.

Chelsea’s journey on Love Is Blind wasn’t the smoothest sailing, either.

The event planner planned on walking down the aisle to now ex-fiancé Jimmy Presnell at the end of season 6. However, reentering the real world together proved that they were not each other’s perfect match and they called off their engagement after constant fighting.

Although their romantic relationship crumbled, the reality stars remained close friends, so close that they live within walking distance of each other.

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Courtesy of Chelsea Blackwell/Instagram

We are neighbors, which is so silly. We live right next to each other, which is crazy,” Chelsea exclusively ​tells Life & Style. “We’re good friends. He calls me for advice. I call him for advice.”

It looks like Chelsea may have to relocate outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, as she describes the dating scene as “crusty” and “dusty.”

“I know a lot more about myself than I did before going on to the show. This has really challenged me,” she ​says. “So, I know what I’m looking for as a person and what I’m looking for in a person way more than I did think I knew when I went for the show.”

Chelsea has partnered with Flash Pack to invite and empower women from around the world to join her latest solo travel adventure (over 800 women expressed interest before the trip officially launched), which will include: a sunset cruise off Santorini’s shores, basking on blissful beaches in Mykonos, uncovering foodie secrets in Athens and more.