Love Is Blind alum Chelsea Blackwell revealed her impressive weight loss following her stint during season 6, and she opens up about the inspiration behind her health journey during an exclusive interview with Life & Style.

While discussing her partnership with Flash Pack, Chelsea, 31, tells Life & Style that she hadn’t “really been taking care of [her] body” after she filmed the reality show. “There was so much going on. I had so much stress. I wasn’t prioritizing my health at all,” she continues. “I was eating really bad. I wasn’t sleeping. I was not exercising at all.”

However, she says she decided to prioritize her “mental health” in order to “really center” herself and “get back into [her] routine” before the show premiered in February 2024.

“I need to start exercising. I need to start putting good into my body. I’m really, really big on health and wellness, and I just was lacking on caring about it,” Chelsea recalls about her mindset. “Since I wasn’t focusing on it, I was feeling bad. I didn’t have any energy. It wasn’t even the weight loss aspect of it all. It was just how I was feeling. So I decided to prioritize it again, and I’m right back to where I started.”

Not only is Chelsea looking great, but she emphasizes that she also feels “so good.” The Netflix star continues, “It’s not even about feeling smaller, it’s just about feeling good and feeling healthy and having energy and being able to deliver my best self for the people around me.”

While fans first got to know Chelsea on the reality show, she has continued to be vulnerable with her followers on social media. In April, she took to Instagram to share before and after photos that showed off her weight loss as she posed in a sports bra and leggings.

“Before and after, absolutely insane the difference in how I look and how I feel,” she captioned the photos via her Instagram Stories on April 4.

Not only did Chelsea discuss her weight loss with Life & Style, but she also reveals why she partnered with Flash Pack to encourage women to join her in her solo travel adventures.

Love Is Blind's Chelsea Blackwell Discusses Decision to ‘Prioritize’ Mental Health Amid Weight Loss
Courtesy of Chelsea Blackwell/Instagram

“I reached out to Flash Pack before the show even aired because I was like, ‘Man, I would love to partner. I really want to be a voice of solo traveling for people,’” Chelsea explains. “I reached out to them immediately and they got back to me and they were so excited.”

While Chelsea was worried Flash Pack might not want to work with her after the show premiered, she shares that they were still interested and says the experience “so lovely.”

“I’m just a big, big supporter of Flash Pack and they’re a big supporter of me,” she continues. “I just want to help them spread the word of solo traveling and meeting people solo traveling.”