Love Is Blind season 6 star Jess Vestal revealed that her time on the popular Netflix reality series resulted in some unexpected weight loss.

“Slowly getting back into my normal routine + the gym,” Jess, 29, wrote via her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, April 9, with a photo of her preparing to work out. “My social anxiety was so bad after [Love Is Blind] premiered, I basically stopped going and lost 8 lbs.”

The mom of one also added that her decision to get back into a regular workout schedule was also a way to help manage her Crohn’s Disease.

“Staying active/weightlifting was an integral part in achieving remission with Crohn’s disease,” Jess wrote. “I’m more prone to getting sick and having flare ups if I don’t keep weight on, so while it may sound nice to some, it is detrimental for me to have lost weight. Steadily trying to get back on track.”

Jess developed a connection with Jimmy Presnell during Love Is Blind season 6, but their breakup was one of the most dramatic moments of the season. Jimmy, 28, was torn between Jess and Chelsea Blackwell, and he ultimately chose to propose to Chelsea, 31, while they were in the pods. When Jimmy let Jess know about his decision, her breakup speech had fans’ jaws on the floor.

“When you see and realize what you missed out on, you are going to choke,” Jess told Jimmy in episode 4 of Love Is Blind season 6. “You are going to need your EpiPen to open up your airways because you are going to be in disbelief of what you missed out on.”

LiB’s Jess Vestal Lost 8 Lbs From ‘Social Anxiety’
Greg Gayne/Netflix

Some fans applauded Jess for the way she spoke to Jimmy, while others thought she may have crossed the line.

The executive assistant later addressed the “EpiPen speech” and gave fans more context to her words.

“I don’t own an EpiPen,” Jess wrote in her Instagram Story on February 20. “But in one of my earlier dates with Jimmy—we had some many and obviously most of our dates weren’t shown—but he told me that he had to keep an EpiPen on him at all times because he had such severe allergies, his airwaves would close if he didn’t have it.”

She continued, “So, when I was giving my breakup speech, which wasn’t planned or rehearsed. I was just heartbroken and I blacked out and… the EpiPen line just fell out and happened to go with everything.”