Love Is Blind season 6 star Jess Vestal may have seemed a little harsh in her breakup speech to Jimmy Presnell he would “need his ​EpiPen” when he saw what she looked like after the pods, but the mom of one recently gave some context to the conversation.

“I don’t own an EpiPen,” Jess, 29, wrote in her Instagram Story on Tuesday, February 20. “But in one of my earlier dates with Jimmy—we had some many and obviously most of our dates weren’t shown—but he told me that he had to keep an EpiPen on him at all times because he had such severe allergies, his airwaves would close if he didn’t have it.”

She continued, “So, when I was giving my breakup speech, which wasn’t planned or rehearsed. I was just heartbroken and I blacked out and… the EpiPen line just fell out and happened to go with everything.”

Jess, who works as an executive assistant, said that she and Jimmy, 28, had discussed the fear of him having a reaction and her responsibility to save him that the topic of the EpiPen was “top of mind for a couple days.”

The Charlotte, North Carolina, resident gave the now-iconic speech when Jimmy confessed that he was in love with Chelsea Blackwell. Jess believed that Jimmy was going to propose to her, but he decided to move forward with Chelsea, 31, instead.

Love is Blind Jessica Vestal
Adam Rose/Netflix

“When you see and realize what you missed out on, you are going to choke,” Jess said in episode 4 of Love Is Blind season 6. “You are going to need your EpiPen to open up your airways because you are going to be in disbelief of what you missed out on.”

Fans were torn on how they felt about her reaction to Jimmy’s decision. While some believed her speech was well-deserved, others felt like she crossed a line.

“She has literally every damn right to say every one of those words. So satisfying for all of us who can see she’s out of his league,” wrote one fan on Instagram, while another added, “THE BEST MOMENT YET. Don’t let us down Jess- keep that fire baby girl.”

However, some people believed Jess’s ego had prompted her reaction.

“This is why she’s still single and can’t find love. This attitude right there. She thinks now that she looks bomb with all that plastic then men should fall at her feet? Not saying Jimmy is a catch at all, but she needs to check herself ASAP,” one person wrote.