Love Is Blind fans watched Kenneth Gorham and Brittany Mills create a connection in the pods during season 6 of the Netflix dating reality show. After getting engaged, viewers are now wondering if the pair ever got married and if they are still together.

Are Love Is Blind’s Kenneth and Brittany Still Together?

Ken and Brittany’s love story wasn’t meant to be, and they ended their engagement during an episode that aired on February 21, 2024. While exclusively speaking to Life & Style, Brittany explained that their dynamic changed when they returned home to Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I think that it really took a different turn when we got back to Charlotte and got back home. And I think that our in the pods we were very, very passionate and very intense,” she said. “And then coming back home, that intensity kind of died down a bit.”

Brittany added that their passion seemingly disappeared when they returned to the real world. “It was kind of like, ‘Oh goodness, where is it at?’ And so it was that piece that kind of took us back and we were like, OK, we’re starting to notice that. And then having a conversation of being able to pinpoint it with one another and be able to talk about it and then make the decision for us both,” she continued. “I definitely think that taking that turn of where we started to drift apart is noticing that very, the passion not being there as strongly and then as tense as well.”

Even before their split aired, she hinted that their love story might not have been made to last when she shared a cryptic post promoting the season in February 2024. “To have and to hold… or maybe not? We’re ONE WEEK away from the big day,” she wrote alongside several photos of her time on the show, including a snapshot of her appearing defeated as she rested her head on a counter. “Tune into @loveisblindnetflix on @netflix this Valentine’s Day to follow our journey #loveisblind.”

What Did Love Is Blind’s Kenneth and Brittany Bond About in the Pods?

One of the defining moments in Ken and Brittany’s courtship came when they bonded over their shared faith. Additionally, they found a connection over their similar losses. Ken previously opened up about his biological mother’s death from cancer, while Brittany explained that her father died when she was 5 following his battle with alcohol addiction.

What Happened When Love Is Blind’s Kenneth and Brittany Met in Person?

While they fell in love sight unseen, the pair quickly hit it off when they met in person following their engagement. Brittany continued to gush about Ken during the couples’ getaway in the Dominican Republic, and made it clear to the other women that she had strong feelings for her man.

Are Love Is Blind's Kenneth and Brittany Still Together? Relationship Updates After Engagement

What Problems Have Love Is Blind’s Kenneth and Brittany Faced?

One major obstacle the couple will likely have to overcome is navigating how to be in an interracial relationship. While speaking to costar Amber Desiree “AD” Smith, Ken admitted that he had concerns about his future with Brittany.

“It’s making me think,” he said after AD asked him whether he felt confident that Brittany could raise Black children. “It’s a big decision.”

Did Love Is Blind’s Kenneth and Brittany Get Back Together?

The former couple sparked reconciliation rumors when they reunited in a TikTok video posted on March 11, 2024.

The clip began with Brittany standing alone as text read, “Don’t tell anyone.” She then ​gestured behind her before Kenneth walked in from another room and waved at the camera. “It’s safe with…[face with hand over mouth] Stay 10 toes down for the reunion this Wednesday 3/13 to see where we’re at,” they captioned the post.