Love Is Blind season 6 star Brittany Mills developed a strong connection with Kenneth Gorham during their time in the pods, but that spark died out once the couple returned home to Charlotte, North Carolina. Brittany exclusively opened up to Life & Style about what led to their split.

“I think that it really took a different turn when we got back to Charlotte and got back home. And I think that our in the pods we were very, very passionate and very intense. And then coming back home, that intensity kind of died down a bit,” Brittany, 25, tells Life & Style.

Brittany, who works as a senior client partner at Search Solutions Group, says that she and Kenneth, 26, are both “very passionate people,” and that played into their relationship in the pods. However, after they returned to real life, she began to worry about where that passion had gone.

“It was kind of like, ‘Oh goodness, where is it at?’ And so it was that piece that kind of took us back and we were like, okay, we’re starting to notice that. And then having a conversation of being able to pinpoint it with one another and be able to talk about it and then make the decision for us both,” the Love Is Blind star continues. “I definitely think that taking that turn of where we started to drift apart is noticing that very, the passion not being there as strongly and then as tense as well.”

Love Is Blind's Brittany and Kenneth walking together and laughing

In Brittany’s Love Is Blind bio, she said that she was looking for someone who was “strong and able to provide [her] with peace in a partner,” and at first she found that in the middle school principal. But once they had moved in together, fans noticed that Kenneth’s seemingly constant attention on his phone caused her to take a step back.

However, Brittany says Kenneth being on his phone didn’t bother her that much.

“I can say the phone situation with Kenneth, the only time that I would have wanted more of an interaction was when I was unpacking my closet or packing more so my closet up to then move into our home together. And it was like I wanted him to be in that moment,” the Charlotte resident explains.

Regardless, Brittany says her and Kenneth’s split wasn’t dramatic, and the couple parted ways with no hard feelings.

“It was natural for us to do and thankfully we were able to do it in such a mature way.”