Bradley Cooper proved he’s got some smooth dance moves while attending Taylor Swift‘s concert in Paris, France, on Sunday, May 12, and fans were loving it.

One concertgoer shared a TikTok video of Bradley, 49, next to girlfriend Gigi Hadid and Taylor’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, as they watched her show at Paris’ La Défense Arena, while the group jammed out to “Blank Space.”

The Maestro star swayed back and forth while lifting his arms in the air and fans went wild in the video’s comments.

“Is that Bradley Cooper moving like that?” one impressed follower wrote, while another added, “Bradley Cooper is sending me.”

“Seeing Mr. Cooper dance to T. Swift is all I needed to see today,” one user commented while another gushed, “Suddenly in love with Bradley Cooper.”

Fans Gush Over Bradley Cooper Dance Moves Comments

Some users joked about the American Hustle star having “dad moves,” while one wrote, “Bradley Cooper is me drunk dancing at the club.” Others were thrilled with how hyped Gigi, 29, was, singing along and dancing enthusiastically.

“Bradley is just trying to keep up, cause Gigi is a whole mood!” one user commented, while another added, “‘Act cool, act cool, on camera. Can’t embarrass Gigi.’ *sways and points an few times.​​​* Love Bradley so much, haha!”

Fans Gush Over Bradley Cooper's Dance Moves at Taylor Swift Show
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Travis, 34, also jammed out to “Blank Space” while standing on the other side of Gigi, and fans joked about his dance style. “Travis’ moves are always the same haha,” one user laughed, while another wrote, “Travis has just one move.”

This is the second time fans know of that Bradley, Gigi, Travis and Taylor, 34, have gotten together, although the last occasion was low key and almost kept secret.

The foursome traveled to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, for Gigi’s 29th birthday celebrations in April. Travis’ mom, Donna Kelce, confirmed the group getaway while appearing at QVC’s Age of Possibility summit in Las Vegas on April 24.

Donna, 71, revealed that she received a group photo of the four on their destination double date, according to People. The four were enjoying time on the beach in the snapshot, Donna reportedly dished.

Bradley and Gigi later traveled to Las Vegas for the supermodel’s birthday week, where The Hangover star ran across Donna as he too attended the QVC summit to support his Danny and Coops Philly Cheesesteak food truck.

When the pair crossed paths, Donna sweetly told the actor, “Trav told me you were going to be here,” in a video that made the rounds on social media.

Bradley and Gigi began dating in October 2023, and have become much more open about being seen together in public, as well as showing off PDA.

Taylor and Travis’ romance began shortly after he revealed on a July 2023 episode of his “New Heights” podcast that he tried and failed to give the “Cruel Summer” singer a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it at her Kansas City Eras tour stop. Taylor later called the admission “metal as hell” and revealed they were already a couple by the time she attended her first Kansas City Chiefs game on September 24, 2023.