Love Is Blind star Jess Vestal is sticking up for fellow cast member Chelsea Blackwell after Chelsea was repeatedly slammed by fans for her behavior on the show. Chelsea said on Thursday, February 29, that some commenters have gone as far as to send her “death threats” on social media.

“Babe no one has the right to speak to someone the way people are speaking to you. And although people are entitled to their opinions, if they don’t have anything nice to say, they should keep it to themselves,” Jess, 29, wrote in the comments of Chelsea’s Instagram post. “Remember who tf you are and start making these people cut you a check every time your name comes out of their mouth!! I’m proud of you, you’re going to come out of this better than ever friend.”

Jess wasn’t the only fellow Love Is Blind star to stick up for Chelsea, 31, in the comments. Laura Dadisman also defended her friend.

“You are one of, if not THE, kindest, sweetest, most amazing people I’ve ever met,” Laura, 34, wrote. “None of this hate is even remotely warranted and I can’t wait for everyone to see/understand your full personality. You are so STRONG and so INCREDIBLE. I love you more than Taco Bell.”

Fans have taken a serious dislike to Chelsea during season 6 of the popular Netflix reality show. Viewers have bashed her for everything from her comments saying she looked like Megan Fox to her reaction to ​fiancé Jimmy Presnell’s hour-long venture to a bar for a friend’s birthday. However, the flight attendant continues to seemingly take everything in stride. ​Chelsea admitted that she’s been “getting a lot of hate” for her emotions during Love Is Blind but said that if viewers didn’t like her reactions , they could fast forward through her scenes.

Love Is Blind's Chelsea Blackwell looks at Jimmy Presnell while sitting on the couch next to him

“I am a very emotional person. I will never apologize for being emotional, ever,” Chelsea shared in a TikTok video posted on February 22. “It’s been an issue that I’ve really had to do a lot of work to overcome. I need you guys to understand, too, that this was a year ago and a lot can change in a year. I still think that everyone struggles with a little bit of insecurity. This is such a crazy experience that you’re thrown into and you’re trying to figure out if you’re going to marry this person. Of course my insecurities are going to be heightened!”

Unfortunately, her explanations haven’t stopped people from continuing to share their negative opinions about Chelsea all across social media.