Love ​Is Blind season 6 breakout star Chelsea Blackwell is flaunting her weight loss since appearing on the Netflix dating show, in photos showing how much her body has changed.

“Before and after, absolutely insane the difference in how I look and how I feel,” Chelsea, 31, wrote on an Instagram Stories photo she shared on Thursday, April 4.

The reality star wore an ab-baring sports bra and black leggings in both selfies. Chelsea didn’t reveal how much weight she lost or how long it took her to shed the extra pounds.

The flight attendant told fans some of her weight loss secrets in a Tuesday, April 2, TikTok video, writing in the caption, “I don’t get this figure from lifting weights.”

Love Is Blind's Chelsea Blackwell's Weight Loss in Photos
Courtesy of Chelsea Blackwell/Instagram

“I’m getting a ton of DM’s about my weight loss journey and I just want to give you a few tips that I think have resulted in some amazing progress for me,” she told viewers while putting on makeup.

“I love my body. I’ve never been a small girl my entire life and I’m OK with that. I love her. She’s healthy and she’s strong. But why I decided to change what I was doing is because I wasn’t feeling healthy,” she continued, noting that it was affecting her mental health and energy levels.

The North Carolina resident said she’s been incorporating “intermittent fasting” and skipping breakfast, eating her first meal of the day around noon. Chelsea said her diet includes “a lot of protein” as well as fruits and vegetables.

The Netflix personality said she does a lot of juicing and downs “90 ounces of water every single day.” Chelsea confessed she’s “not a gym girl” but when she does go, “I like to get a little lift in to feel good.” She credited walking 45 minutes per day as the exercise behind her weight loss after she was done filming Love Is Blind.

The elopement planner’s profile got a huge boost after Travis Kelce mocked her breakup with former fiancé Jimmy Presnell while gushing over how Love Is Blind has become his guilty TV viewing pleasure.

“Jason. You gotta watch Love Is Blind, man,” Travis, 34, told brother Jason Kelce during the March 20, episode of their “New Heights” podcast.

“It is the worst trash ever. It’s worse than Catching Kelce. But it’s so f–king good,” he continued, comparing it to his 2016 E! reality dating show.

Even though Jason, 36, said he wasn’t interested, the Kansas City Chiefs star begged, “Honestly, I just want you to watch the one girl and hear her,” going on to mock what Chelsea told Jimmy, doing his best version of her voice while saying, “Do you think I’m clingy? I’m clingy? Really?”

Chelsea was so embarrassed, sharing her reaction later that day in a TikTok video. “I just got the most mortifying news. I feel like I need to crawl under a rock at this point because Travis Kelce did an impersonation of me,” she told fans.

She said Travis only got to see her when she was “whining like a baby back bitch,” and pleaded with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, “If you’re watching it with him, please stop.”

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