Love Is Blind star Chelsea Blackwell had a relatable reaction after Travis Kelce shared his best impression of her.

Travis, 34, revealed he watched the show when he tried to convince brother Jason Kelce to watch Love Is Blind during the Wednesday, March 20, episode of their “New Heights” podcast. The Kansas City Chiefs athlete even shared his impression of Chelsea, 31, by whining.

“I just got the most mortifying news,” Chelsea began in a TikTok video, which was posted just hours after the podcast episode was released. “I feel like I need to crawl under a rock at this point because Travis Kelce did an impersonation of me.”

The TV personality – who appeared on season 6 of the Netflix show – said that Travis only got to see her “whining like a baby back bitch.”

Chelsea concluded the video by addressing Travis’ girlfriend, Taylor Swift. “If you’re watching it with him, please stop,” she pleaded.

After Travis urged Jason, 36, to watch Love Is Blind during the podcast episode, he declared that it “is the worst trash ever.”

“It’s worse than Catching Kelce,” Travis stated, referencing his own 2016 dating reality show. “But it’s so f–king good.”

Despite his brother’s praise, Jason insisted he would not watch the show. “No, I’m not watching that trash,” the retired Philadelphia Eagles player said. “I’m not encouraging Netflix or any of these other subscription channels to make any more of this nonsense bulls–t.”

However, Travis wasn’t ready to give up and said he wanted Jason to watch Chelsea on the show. “Honestly, I just want you to watch the one girl and hear her,” he said before changing his voice to impersonate the flight attendant. “You think I’m clingy? I’m clingy? Really?”

Love Is Blind's Chelsea Blackwell Reacts to Travis Kelce's Impression of Her: ‘Mortifying’
Courtesy of Chelsea Blackwell/Instagram

While fans watched Chelsea get engaged to Jimmy Presnell on the show, the pair ultimately split before they made it down the aisle. Many viewers had strong feelings about Chelsea’s behavior during their relationship, though she also made headlines for saying her celebrity look-alike is Megan Fox before Jimmy, 29, saw her in person.

Chelsea addressed the backlash to her comparison after the episode aired, and she even revealed that she reached out to Megan, 37, to apologize. “I was like, ‘I’m so sorry I did this to you,’” she told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on February 22. “I’m just waiting for Megan to respond.”

Meanwhile, she also admitted she regrets making the comment. “I haven’t addressed this at all. I wasn’t trying to be manipulative by any means. You have to understand, we are on these dates for 4+ hours at a time,” Chelsea explained about the comparison in the comments section of an Instagram post. “I wasn’t the only one having silly conversations such as this. Do I regret it, absolutely. But in no way was I trying to persuade any decision. I am not a vicious person and I won’t be made out to be.”