Did they or didn’t they? Love Is Blind season 6 star Jimmy Presnell has responded to claims that he had a girlfriend when he appeared on the popular Netflix series

“I don’t know this woman. I never met this woman. It’s not true,” Jimmy, 28, said on Thursday, February 22, in response to TikTok user Ryann Stringfellow’s video implying that she was dating Jimmy during filming.

He continued, “I’ve got to give it to her. It’s an incredible marketing ploy. She is getting so many clicks, and she is making so much money off my name. It’s insane. She doesn’t say it’s me, but she’s definitely insinuating it’s your boy.”

The software salesman said that he initially wasn’t going to address the claims, but due to the amount of people sending the video to him, he felt like it was needed. He also asked that if people watched the video to “please report it.”

“I think she’s running at about 16 million [views] right now, which is absolutely insane to me,” he explained. “And bizarre that it’s getting that much traction, so I wanted to come on here and tell everybody it’s not true.”

While she never specifically named Jimmy as the man in question, she mentioned him talking to a woman on Love Is Blind who “has a child,” and people believed she was referring to Jess Vestal. Ryann’s video quickly amassed millions of views after she posted it on February 16.

Love Is Blind's Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnelll kiss during a still shot from season 6.

“Imagine my surprise when I turn on the new season of Love Is Blind this morning and see my f–king boyfriend,” she said. “Are you shocked? Because I sure as hell am.”

However, one of her following videos implied that she had made the story up, which some fans already suspected.

“You taught a lesson to me that I had to learn,” Ryann lipsynced in a February 17 video.

But some fans weren’t having it and many of them slammed her in the comments.

“Hope it was worth your measly 15 minutes of fame, I’m positive you’ll find out very soon it wasn’t,” wrote one TikTok user.

Another person added, “It’s just in really poor character to lie like that for clout, it’s sad really.”

But then it appeared she more than doubled down when she stitched Jimmy’s video and casually ate chips and guacamole to prove that she wasn’t bothered by his response. In the caption she wrote, “Two sides to every story … right?”

Until Ryann produces receipts, fans don’t seem likely to buy her story.