Megan Fox jumped to Chelsea Blackwell’s defense against internet bullies. The actress spoke publicly for the first time about Chelsea’s claim that people have told her she looks like Megan, which she revealed on Season 6 of Love Is Blind in February.

“I’ve never had more people text me about something, because I don’t really watch TV very much,” Megan, 37, admitted in an interview with E! News at Coachella’s Revolve Festival on April 13. “But I’ve had a lot of people text me and stop me. Even other celebrities at, like, Oscar parties were like, ‘Do you watch Love Is Blind?’ And I was like, ‘No but I know what you’re talking about.’”

Chelsea, 31, received backlash from viewers after telling Jimmy Presnell that she’d previously been told that Megan was her doppelgänger. They were still in the pods at the time and fans accused the reality star of being misleading about her appearance.

 While Megan reiterated that she never watched the show, she insisted that Chelsea didn’t “deserve” to get “bullied” online. “I think people went way too hard,” she said. The Jennifer’s Body star also said she saw a picture of Chelsea and confirmed that she believes the Netflix star’s claims.

“A hundred thousand percent, people have told her, ‘You kind of look like Megan Fox,’” Megan said. “So I believe she’s telling the truth and I hope, like, she still has that sparkle in her eye. I hope the world didn’t steal it from her. Mine died long ago from being bullied for 20 years. So I hope that didn’t happen to her. Best wishes and blessings.”

Chelsea seemingly took all of the internet chatter about her comment in stride and Jimmy, 28, also defended his ex in a February interview with Us Weekly. “To be fair, that woman didn’t say, ‘I look like Megan Fox,’” he pointed out. “She said, ‘People tell me [I do].’”

He also took the blame for how the situation was handled. “It was my reaction that got all the clicks,” Jimmy admitted. “It was my reaction where I’m like … my mouth dropped and my eyes got huge, so I could have done a better job of not blowing it out of proportion.”

Jimmy echoed Megan’s assertion that Chelsea “doesn’t deserve” to take so much heat from fans. “She’s an amazing person and I will shield her from all that s–t if I need to,” he said. “I can speak numbers to how she is as a person, and if they want to hate on somebody, they should hate on me.”

Although Chelsea and Jimmy got engaged on Love Is Blind, they did not tie the knot. They dated for two weeks after filming ended but eventually split.