Kristen Doute’s love life has been on display for fans ever since Vanderpump Rules debuted in 2013. It’s been over ​a decade later and the reality star is in a relationship with boyfriend Luke Broderick and they made their joint TV debut during The Valley season 1 in March 2024.

“For Luke, this is a whole new rodeo for Luke. So, even just living in L.A. when he stays here is a whole new world for him. But for me, it might not be as wonderful for him kind of being thrown into this mix and this mess,” Kristen exclusively told Life & Style in April 2024. “But for me, having my very best friend there by my side and to have my back was the best thing I could ever ask for.”

When Did The Valley’s Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick Start Dating?

The Bravo star remained close to most of her former VPR costars after her 2020 exit and attended Rachael O’Brien’s wedding in June 2022. That same month, Kristen had freshly gotten out of a two-year relationship with ex-boyfriend Alex Menache and wasn’t ready to fully jump into a new romance.

“I battled with being, like, your person. I love you so much, but just the thought of being someone’s girlfriend again threw me through a loop because I want to be a wife and I want to be a mother,” she told Luke during a December 2022 episode of her former “Love, Sex and What Else Matters” podcast.

The couple colaunched the podcast one month prior during their long-distance relationship. Luke lives full-time in Colorado while Kristen resides in Los Angeles.

Are The Valley’s Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick Still Together?

After going Instagram official in December 2022, the two made their reality TV debut on The Valley. Though they still live in different states, the pair revealed they were actively trying to have a baby after they announced in November 2023 that they suffered a miscarriage.

Are The Valley’s Kristen Doute, Luke Broderick Still Together?
Kristen Doute/ Instagram

In April 2024, Kristen and Luke rebranded their podcast with the new title “Balancing Act.”

“When we started [“Love, Sex and What Else Matters” podcast], it made perfect sense. That is kind of like Luke and I discussing our past love lives and ending up dating,” Kristen told Life & Style in April 2024. “It was kind of how we got to know each other on the phone when we were doing long distance before we were officially dating. So, it really made sense for us, and it still is a topic, the topics that we love to talk about, relationships, sex, all of that.”

Kristen and Luke are still going strong as of publication.