Kristen Doute got emotional as she shared the devastating news that she had a miscarriage while pregnant with her and boyfriend Luke Broderick’s first child. The Vanderpump Rules alum broke the news on the Sunday, November 26, episode of her “Sex, Love and What Else Matters” podcast.

“We found out that Kristen’s pregnancy is not a viable pregnancy,” Luke, 32, shared. “There’s no embryo in the sac that’s forming.”

Kristen, 40, broke down in tears as she explained why she decided to open up about the heartbreaking ordeal. “I only feel comfortable talking about this because so many friends of mine have gone through this up until this point or been through this,” she said. “I know so many women have been through this. It’s really f–king terrifying because you’re like, ‘What’s wrong? What did I do wrong?’”

pump rules kristen doute cries reveals she had miscarriage

The couple recorded the podcast on November 25 after finding out their pregnancy was not viable three days earlier. They had not decided on next steps at the time, but revealed they had three options: Have the sac surgically removed, wait for it to be rejected by the body naturally, or take medication that will induce the miscarriage.

The Bravo star had not shared her pregnancy news with fans yet. She revealed that she found out she was pregnant on October 24 and said it was “the best f–king day of [her] life.” Kristen also pointed out that she and Luke were “so lucky how fast we got pregnant at [her] age.”

With several weeks to go until her first appointment with the doctor, Kristen visited Luke in Colorado and began experiencing some light bleeding. She had bloodwork done and found that her progesterone levels were low, so she got a prescription for the hormone to help her levels rise. Two weeks before her scheduled appointment with the OB-GYN, she had an ultrasound that revealed “no cause for alarm.” A second ultrasound the following week had more positive results, with everything “measuring so perfectly,” Kristen shared.

Unfortunately, a third ultrasound revealed the devastating news of a nonviable pregnancy. “My doctor and my friends have told me inside and out, up and down, that there’s no reason [for it],” Kristen shared. “You can Google it until the day you die. There is literally no cause. They don’t know why. It’s something with your chromosomes.”

Despite being “all over the place” and not able to “think straight,” Kristen found a “silver lining” in the ordeal. “I know that once we’re past this we can try again,” she said. “We’re lucky and fortunate that we got pregnant so quickly. It could’ve gone a different way at my age.”

Kristen and Luke met at a mutual friend’s wedding in June 2022, which was right around when she split from Alex Menache after two years together. After hooking up at the wedding, they took things slow before confirming their relationship that December.