Summer House star West Wilson revealed if he is closer to Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke following their nasty split.

“Despite knowing Lindsay better prior to summer starting, I spoke to Carl significantly more than Lindsay,” West, 28, told People on Wednesday, May 1, about his costars, who called off their engagement in August 2023. “I’m still friendly with both, I have checked in with both of them, but by nature, we’ve hung out all the boys a bunch, and so I probably keep closer tabs with Carl.”

West got to know Lindsay, 37, and Carl, 39, when they lived together in a shared house during summer 2023. While the pair were already engaged at the time, fans have watched their romance slowly fall apart during season 8. West added that he’s been watching their last months as a couple on the show “through the scope of Carl.”

The sports journalist – who made his Bravo debut during the current season – admitted he “was nervous” to start living with Lindsay because they had never met. West spent his first weekend at the Hamptons house during the Fourth of July holiday, though Carl and Lindsay skipped the first week because they were on a trip to Washington, D.C.

“However, looking back, I do think it benefited me because I got to make every original friendship and interaction [without] Lindsay over my shoulder or whatever,” West recalled of his first weekend at the house.

While fans have not seen their breakup play out on the show yet, Lindsay started opening about their split while promoting season 8.

The former publicist previously explained how she moved past the end of their engagement during an exclusive interview with Life & Style in February. “The first month was brutal trying to process my feelings and search for answers,” Lindsay shared. “Once I got through that, I started traveling with girlfriends and focusing on people and things that bring me joy.”

Summer House's West Wilson Reveals If He’s Closer to Lindsay Hubbard or Carl Radke After Split

Meanwhile, Carl previously said he regrets how he ended their engagement. “It’s been scary. It’s been confusing. It’s been emotional. And I feel really bad with how everything ultimately played out,” the reality star said while appearing on Captain Lee Rosbach‘s “Salty With Captain Lee” podcast in November 2023. “If I could go back and make something a little bit easier or better, I would.”

Despite regretting how he handled the situation, Carl insisted he made the right decision by ending their romance. “I do firmly think Lindsay and I going in separate directions will be healthier for us in the long run,” he said.