Summer House newcomer West Wilson made it clear he was interested in costar Ciara Miller when he made his reality TV debut during season 8. Fans have watched the pair go on dates and flirt in the house, but have they continued their romance after filming ended?

Are ‘Summer House’ Stars Ciara Miller and West Wilson Dating?

While Ciara has admitted she is often closed off in the beginning of romantic relationships, fans were delighted to see her open up when West expressed interest in dating her during season 8.

Viewers have been wondering if they continued their romance after filming, and West played coy when asked about their current relationship status during a March 2024 interview.

While speaking to Page Six, the interviewer mentioned Ciara previously said she spent Valentine’s Day on a double date. “Where was I? Umm, I’m trying to remember,” West responded when asked about how he spent the holiday.

“Can’t say, but people celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 13th and the 15th,” the Bravo star cryptically added.

However, the sports journalist added that several reality stars have slid into his DMs after he made his TV debut in February 2024. “There are a lot of women who shoot their shots but preface [with], ‘If things don’t work out, I’m here,’” he shared. “It’s so nice, so those get a little double tap. There’s a lot of respect in the DMs. People don’t believe that, but there is.”

What Happened Between Ciara Miller and West Wilson During ‘Summer House’ Season 8?

Sparks flew between Ciara and West during the season premiere on February 22, 2024.

“West is impressing me, I’m not gonna lie,” she admitted in a confessional. “How many dudes do you meet in New York City … you go on a date with them and they literally only talk about themselves? So, it is really nice to meet a guy who is actually inquisitive about my life.”

Are Summer House's Ciara Miller and West Wilson Still Together? Relationship Update After Filming

They eventually went on their first date during the March 7, 2024, episode. Ciara pointed out that he seemed “nervous” when they went out to eat, though she also admitted she had nerves about the date. “Wait, I love hearing that you’re nervous!” West jokingly responded. “That fires me up.”

Following their date, Ciara seemed happy with how it went and said that she liked West. “But … it is in my DNA to be an intentional dater,” the model continued in a confessional. “I do want to be in a relationship, ultimately, that’s what I want. And I’m not jumping into anything right off the bat.”