Summer House gained two new men in the Hamptons vacation home and the women are wondering who holds it down the best between the sheets. Paige DeSorbo, Ciara Miller and Amanda Batula had a girl’s chat at their annual 4th of July party during the season 8 premiere – leading Ciara to reveal which new costar she’d “f–k.”

“Let’s be so objective. If you had to f–k West [Wilson] or Jesse Solomon without knowing either of their personalities, who are you picking?” Paige, 31, asked the ICU nurse, 28.

“I’m obviously gonna go Solomon,” Ciara answered. “6’5,” tall, dark-haired man – for sure. West gives me Georgia vibes.”

Although Ciara was confident in her answer, Amanda, 32, who is married to Kyle Cooke, and Paige, who is dating Southern Charm’s Craig Conover, disagreed.

“West has more swag than Jesse Solomon,” the “Giggly Squad” podcast cohost said.

“Yo, West f–ks. Jesse humps like a labrador retriever,” Amanda chimed in.

The trio collectively agreed that Jesse probably doesn’t much about the female body and anatomy, deeming West as the king of the bedroom. “Jesse asks, ‘Did you c-m?’ West knows if you did,” Paige joked.

Although Ciara had a wandering eye toward Jesse, 30, she and West, 28, seemingly get into a situationship throughout the season. In fact, in the latter part of episode 1, Ciara helped the sports journalist around the kitchen while preparing dinner for their housemates.

Paige and Amanda watched the soirée from the dining table, to which the Loverboy creative director teased, “Ciara might be distracting him.” Ciara then suggested to West that they move their prepared meat into a fresh serving dish. Turns out, “that’s what” he “was thinking.”

“Are we on the same wavelength?” Ciara asked and West said, “It feels like it.”

Obviously, the ladies debriefed the heat that was coming from the kitchen once dinner was over. Amanda pointed out that West had Ciara cooking for pretty much the first time on the show and Paige admitted that the reporter “gets hotter” the more his personality shines.

“West is impressing me I’m not gonna lie. He’s inquisitive, “Ciara said in a confessional. “How many dudes do you meet in New York City … you go on a date with them and they literally only talk about themselves? So, it is really nice to meet a guy who is actually inquisitive about my life.”

As for single Jesse – well, he’s interested in Paige. The investor relations worker flirted with the former fashion writer during the 4th of July party and later confessed his feelings during a conversation with Kyle.

“There’s so many girls out there that don’t have boyfriends, but the best ones typically do, and I’m a killer,” Jesse told the cameras during a confessional.