Bravo fans first got to know Lindsay Hubbard when she began appearing on Summer House during season 1. Leading up to her split from Carl Radke, fans watched the pair fight about finances during season 8. What is Lindsay’s net worth and how does she make money?

What Is Lindsay Hubbard’s Net Worth?

Lindsay has an estimated net worth of $1.1 million, according to multiple reports.

How Does Lindsay Hubbard Make Money?

The New York native was working as a public relations expert when she started appearing on Summer House in 2017. She launched her company, Hubb House Public Relations, in 2016, though revealed she closed it down during season 8.

Now that she no longer works in PR, Lindsay makes most of her money as an influencer.

“This year, I fully leaned into ‘Lindsay the influencer.’ And I make a lot of money from brand deals and campaigns, similar to what [costar Paige DeSorbo] does,” she explained during a season 8 episode.

Meanwhile, Lindsay announced another professional endeavor when she revealed she bought a house in Nashville, Tennessee, that she plans to rent out.

“I won’t be the one living in it … you guys will!” she wrote about purchasing the property via Instagram in January 2024. “If you’re heading to Nashville this year with a group of friends, you can stay at my rental property starting in March. Giddy Up because Hubb House Nash is coming soon!!”

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke Fought About Money Before Their Split

Lindsay and Carl called off their wedding in August 2023. However, fans got a glimpse into their problems during season 8 of Summer House, which was filmed in the months leading up to their split.

Lindsay Hubbard Is a Boss! Find Out the 'Summer House’ Star's Net Worth and How She Makes Money
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Throughout the season, Lindsay expressed her concerns that Carl wasn’t making enough money after he left his job at Loverboy. While Carl said he wanted to open a sober sports bar, Lindsay shut down the idea because she didn’t want to work in hospitality.

“The way I interpret it, she’s really worried that I don’t have a job,” Carl told costar Kyle Cooke about Lindsay during the April 25, 2024, episode. “That it’s a turn on for her if I have a hustle and a passion, and I’m like, I feel like I’ve been hustling, and I have things going on, and I am working on stuff.”

He then made a dig at Lindsay’s job as an influencer. “Like what have you done? Her business is deactivated, but the way she views it is her bringing in the brand deals is what her career is, but that’s not a career,” Carl said. “It definitely hits my ego, this narrative that I’m not doing anything or not making money. It’s kind of ridiculous.”

I’ve made 70 grand this year already doing paid posts,” the reality star continued. “I don’t make as much as she because I’m not a woman. I don’t have as many followers. She’s made 150.”