Summer House stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula are known as one of the cutest couples on reality TV, but are they still together? The duo previously went through quite a few ups and downs before they tied the knot, and they’ve continued to face roadblocks after their wedding. 

Are Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Still Together? 

Throughout their relationship, Kyle and Amanda have gotten candid on the difficulties they face, including a cheating scandal. In March 2019, the Loverboy founder explained during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that he and Amanda “went through a lot together,” referring to the time when he cheated on Amanda. 

“But when you go through some of those massive hurdles and speed bumps, and you keep it together as a couple, you’re like, ‘Holy crap, life is difficult, and she’s the one I want to be with,’” he added. 

In the season 3 premiere, which aired in March 2019, Kyle confirmed that he had previously “blacked out” during a “guys’ trip” and “woke up with a girl in [his] bed.” 

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For her part, Amanda admitted during the episode that she was “absolutely disgusted with him” after finding out about the incident. 

“We were f–ked,” she elaborated. “Like, once someone loses my trust, it’s so hard for me to ever fully trust them again.”

Nevertheless, the couple managed to mend the cracks in their relationship, as Amanda confirmed in the episode that they were still together. 

After the season 3 premiere aired, Kyle reaffirmed the status of their relationship by sharing a heartfelt message via Instagram. 

“We have watched every episode together, the good ones and the bad,” Kyle wrote. “It’s not easy reliving the tough and challenging parts of our relationship every year, every episode, eight months after it happened, but here we are. Happily engaged, and about to watch the premiere of season 3. Thank you to everyone for your love and support!”

Their problems continued during season 8, which premiered in February 2024. Early on in the season, Kyle admitted that he and Amanda weren’t on the “same page.” Meanwhile, the pair later got in an intense fight when Kyle didn’t support Amanda’s dream of launching her own swimsuit line.

They reflected on the argument during an exclusive interview with Life & Style on May 15, 2024. “My delivery and my reaction, you know, it could have been a lot better,” Kyle admitted. “I think it’d been a long day.”

Despite their problems playing out on the show, Kyle and Amanda insisted they are still together as of May 2024. “I feel like we’ll be able to talk more about it at the reunion and you’ll see more of an insight into how we’re feeling and where we are,” Amanda promised to Life & Style.

When Did Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Get Married? 

The happy couple tied the knot in September 2021 at Amanda’s parents’ house in her hometown, Hillsborough, New Jersey. 

One month later, Kyle gushed about the wedding ceremony in an interview with Us Weekly

“I was like a ball of nerves, but in that moment, everything was perfect,” he said at the time. “It’s exactly how you want it to feel. And I was certainly teary-eyed, several times during the ceremony, but I managed to pull through.”

Do Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Have Kids? 

As of now, Kyle and Amanda don’t share any children. 

The New Jersey native opened up about her fertility concerns during a February 2023 episode of Summer House

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“We want to have kids. It’s just not in the cards right now,” Amanda revealed. “Some of you know, I went off birth control right after the wedding. I’ve been dying to go off birth control. And then in November was my last period.”

After explaining to her friends that she is concerned a doctor will tell her that she is unable to bear children, Amanda explained during a confessional why she hadn’t talked to her husband about the matter yet.  

“I don’t love telling people things that might cause them fear or concern without having the answers, and I know I have to see a doctor, but maybe I’m not ready to know what’s going on,” Amanda said. 

Did ‘Summer House’ Stars Kyle and Amanda Split?

After fans watched the couple experience marital problems during season 8, the rumors escalated when gossip blog Deuxmoi posted a tip claiming an unnamed “Bravo entrepreneur turned DJ was seen getting extra close with someone who wasn’t his partner during a night out following an event for his company.” The tip was seemingly about Kyle, as it was titled, “Let’s Cook.”

In light of the rumors, a source told Page Six that Kyle and Amanda are “still together” and their relationship is “fine.”

“People read into things on social media too much,” the insider added in a story published on June 11, 2024.