It’s a whole new world, y’all. On July 9, the highly anticipated Season 6 trailer of Orange is the New Black dropped and TBH, we weren’t ready. The entire two minute and 20 second clip is one intense moment after the next! However, we couldn’t help but notice one major flaw — where the heck were Alex Vause and Maritza Ramos?!

Diehard fans of the show need no reminder that Maritza and Alex have been major characters since the beginning. There’s no way the Netflix series would all of a sudden decide to cut them out, right? That would be criminal.

While we can’t be certain that either character will appear on the new season, we have come up with a few theories regarding their mysterious absence in the trailer. For starters, at the end of Season 5, despite the fact that Maritza and Flaca peacefully surrendered themselves following the prison riot, they were separated. Flaca went on one bus, while Maritza went on another and it was all very emotional.

Seeing as Flaca appears in the trailer, we can only assume that Martiza was sent to a different prison, but that doesn’t mean she’s gone forever. After all, Piper spent some time in Chicago and somehow made her way back to Litchfield — ditto with Alex and ditto with Taystee after her first release. The core group of inmates always come back together.

Now, with Alex, things are a little less cut and dry. Seeing as inmate Vause has a reputation for ratting people out — i.e. the entire reason Piper is in prison — it’s entirely plausible that she sold out the other girls out in exchange for immunity. That said, Piper and Alex did get engaged during the final episode of Season 5, so it’s unlikely she'd screw over her fiancé like that. Our best guess is that Alex finally went down for murdering Kubra Balik’s hitman, Aydin Bayat, and she too, was moved to a different facility entirely. We guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Orange is the New Black Season 6 drops on Netflix on July 27.