For as far removed as Lindsay Lohan is from the A-list these days — #FreeLindsay! — sister Ali Lohan is even farther. Ali had a moment of fame a decade ago with the E! reality show Living Lohan, but we haven’t heard much from her these days. All that might change soon, as the 23-year-old is plotting her comeback!

In fact, she’s reinventing herself under her birth name, Aliana, and heralding her new “Western emo” sound. “[Music] is what I wanted to do since I was eight years old,” she told Cosmopolitan last year.

When she’s not singing, Ali’s supporting big sis LiLo. She made headlines in 2015 for criticizing Jennifer Lawrence after the actress joked about getting “Lindsay Lohan-level exhaustion but without any drugs or alcohol.”

“That was literally something that came over me where I was like, ‘You know what, that’s my sister,’” Ali told Cosmo. “I just wanted her to know that you should stand up for other women, you should help people and not put them down, ever.”

(For the record, Ali is pretty straight-edge. “I’ve never done drugs or anything, thank God. I did not like that scene.”)

In case you missed her first claim to fame, Ali broke onto the scene in 2006 with the release of her Christmas album, Lohan Holiday. Then came 2008’s Living Lohan, which followed Ali as she tried to hit it big with the help of her momager, Dina Lohan. The show ran for nine episodes, which was all it took to offend TV critics. Calling the show “one big exploitative mess,” Slate’s Troy Patterson said Living Lohan “is not just a symptom of cultural decay but an active agent of it, commodifying the very youth and soul of Ali Lohan.”

Since then, Ali has been sticking to her modeling career, signing with NEXT models and then with Wilhelmina and appearing in international versions of Elle, Vogue, and Marie Claire. And now she’s returning to her music roots. Is it too early to call it a Lohan-ssaince?