The bubbly Alisha Marie has taken over YouTube with 6.3 million subscribers and Instagram with 3.3 million followers. Next up? The world! There's nothing this girl can't do, from fashion to vlogs to pranks — but we were still super surprised when she showed up on the hit Disney show Bizaardvark for her first major TV role and totally rocked it! She starred in the 2017 episode "Hawkward" alongside controversial fellow YouTuber Jake Paul, and after all his recent drama, we just had to ask her what that was like!

"Jake was nice and fun to work with," Alisha revealed exclusively to Life & Style. "Bizaardvark was one of the biggest projects I have done, I was so excited to finally talk about it and show everyone what I had been working on." In fact, the experience really turned her on to a new passion! "Working on a TV show was so much fun, it was my first sitcom-style filming and first time filming in a TV studio," she explained. "I would love to do more acting and I definitely plan on pursuing it more in the future."

Judging by her fans' thrilled reactions online, they would love to see more TV gigs for Alisha too. They also love watching her YouTube prank series Roommate Wars, though those aren't always as fun for her. "I had to eat a donut filled with mayonnaise once," she laughed. "I took a huge bite and it was so disgusting! It was worse than I even imagined, I felt so sick after. Dang I forgot about that!"

Of course, she won't be slowing down with her fun DIY and style videos either, and she's chock full of fashion advice. So what items can she not live without? "Oh gosh, there's so many. White Adidas sneakers, pink skater skirt, and high waisted shorts," she gushed. "Oh, and crop tops! As far as accessories, I would say chokers and sunglasses." And the one makeup trick you NEED to try? "Honestly, I'm obsessed with highlighting my nose. I remember thinking it was ridiculous at first but after trying it I'm obsessed with it."

Alisha also teased some big plans coming up, saying, "I can't talk about it too much yet but it's something people have been wanting for a really long time!" We can't wait to see what it is!