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Those Were the DaysSee What the Season 1 Cast of ‘American Idol’ is Doing 15 Years Later!

Now that American Idol is returning for another season after ending its 14-year run on Fox, fans have been reminiscing about their favorite contestants — but nothing beats the gang assembled for the show's very first competition! From Kelly Clarkson to Tamyra Gray, the 2002 contest was full of powerhouse singers.

Last year, judge Randy Jackson — who remained with the series for 12 seasons — recalled his first day of work on the pop culture phenomenon. “We were all at the Hollywood Athletic Club, and a guy walked into the room for the very first audition. I’m thinking, 'This is going to be cool.' He did his thing, and I said, ‘Hey man, it was all right. You did pretty good.’ Paula goes next and she says, ‘You’ve got something. I don’t know if it’s exactly what we’re looking for.’ Then it’s Simon’s turn, and he says, ‘That was the most horrible piece of crap I’ve ever heard.’ Paula and I look at each other and I say, ‘Oh my God, where in the hell are we? This is gonna be a crazy show!’”

Revisit the good old days by seeing what Season 1's contestants, judges, and hosts are up to now in the gallery below!