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‘Black-ish’ Star Anthony Anderson’s Mother Taught Him How to Perform Oral Sex — “My Mama Taught Me How to Eat the Cookie!”

Anthony Anderson has left his fans speechless!

The Black-ish star recently revealed that his mother, Doris Hancox taught him how to perform oral sex…. wait, what?!

“I’ll just cut to the chase: My mother taught me how to go downtown,” Anthony said on Conan. “My mama taught me how to eat the cookie. Oral sex, Conan! Oral sex.”

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anthony anderson

And if that wasn’t awkward enough, the star continued to explain how his mother taught him (and his friends!) how to pleasure a woman.

“I had just come home from college, and we had happened to be sitting around in the family room. Not only me, but my buddies and their girlfriends. She not only taught me and my brothers and my boys, but also the women how to do what they needed to do,” he continued. “My mother has a very extensive video collection, and she would put the videos on. And go into graphic detail as to what’s going on in the video.”

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Are you grossed out yet? We are too. But apparently, Anthony’s mother wanted her son to be educated in this department.

“She said, ‘I would be damned if I send out my three boys out in the world not knowing how to do that,’” Anthony added. “‘So it is my duty as a woman to teach you to do this properly, because your daddy didn’t know what the hell he was doing.’”

Well… that’s different!

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