Both Angela Amezcua and Clay Harbour know how it feels to be disappointed. Eric Bigger chose newcomer Cassandra to give his rose to after being coupled up with Ang all season on Bachelor in Paradise, and pro-footballer Clay made the tough choice to send himself home after getting injured on Bachelorette, despite a budding relationship with Becca Kufrin. However, fans can now sleep peacefully knowing that the pair has found love again… with each other!

Clay took to Instagram on Sept. 5 to confirm his newly-minted relationship with Angela in the sweetest way! “What do the kids call it? Woman crush Wednesday? Welp here’s mine,” he wrote alongside a cuddly photo with Ang. BRB, going to shed a tear.  

If you were wondering how the heck these two met, Clay spilled the deets in a story. Along with another cute PDA photo, he wrote, “big shoutout to Chris Randone for setting this up!” Clearly Chris was loving his role of “matchmaker,” sharing his excitement in the comments along with tons of other Bachelor Nation stars who think they’re a perfect match.

Clay even wrote, “couldn’t make it to Mexico but still found Paradise.” When one fan asked for a wedding invite, he clapped back saying, “Whoa sir things are going great but let’s pump the brakes a bit!” Angela is definitely happy to finally be public, leaving a heart emoji on the photo. 


(Credit: Instagram)

Clay’s confirmation comes just a day after the dating rumors began when he decided to do a Q&A during a long road trip. This particular question and answer sesh just so happened to take place the day after Angela was kicked off BIP, and many fans think his answers are about her.

First, a fan asked if he would ever be the Bachelor, to which he responded, “if I was single and in a good place with my career, absolutely!” Of course, fans then started asking about his relationship status. “Wait… does that mean you aren’t [single]?!” a fan demanded. Clay played it off with a coy shrug emoji, but then he spilled more deets.


“Are we going to find out who the lucky lady is?” a fan asked, to which he responded, “Hmm… she is part of Bach Nation…” and then later, he admitted, “OK, she was on THIS season of Paradise“!

Many fans assumed it was Ang… and they were right! It didn’t help that Jasmine Goode lowkey spilled the beans by posting a Snap of Angela sitting on Clay’s lap. We can’t wait to see more from the gorgeous couple in the future. Keep the cutesy pics coming, y’all!


(Credit: Instagram)

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