Pretty much everyone is watching Netflix‘s Love Is Blind spinoff, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, and for good reason! Now that every episode is available on the streaming giant, fans are dying to know which couples are still together post-show, including Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger.

Speaking exclusively with Life & Style in a video interview, the lovebirds dish about their marriage following the crazy eight-week experiment hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. “We are loving it,” Madlyn, 24, says of married life. “It’s been awesome,” Colby, 25, chimes in.

Madlyn adds that their current relationship is “completely different” from what viewers saw on the show. “We are over the moon.”

The now-husband and wife entered the series after Colby issued Madlyn the ultimatum: to get engaged or to break up. Madlyn and Colby had been together for a year and a half before deciding this is what their relationship needed to — possibly — get to the next step.

Colby entered a mock marriage with contestant April Melohn, while Madlyn entered a mock marriage with contestant Randall Griffin.

Prior to settling down with their switched partners, Colby had a date with contestant Alexis Maloney to see if they’d make a good fit for the four-week trial marriage. Although Alexis ended up leaving the show early with her fiancé, Hunter Parr, the pair’s encounter was awkward … to say the least. Colby bluntly told Alexis, 25, he wasn’t attracted to her.

“That’s all real. Yeah, that was what was sitting on my shoulders and what my heart was feeling,” Colby recalls. “I didn’t know how else to tackle it. I took Alexis aside out of the group in a private conversation, made it about as simple as possible to let her know like there’s nothing here. … It’s brutal, but it’s what had to happen. I mean, I’m not wasting my time on someone that I could be spending it with someone else, you know?”

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In the end, Madlyn and Colby came back together, skipped getting engaged and headed straight to the altar! So, do Madlyn and Colby think they would have gotten married without The Ultimatum?

“I wouldn’t, no, not so quickly. It would’ve, for sure, been probably years, years away. We would’ve had to date probably a year or two,” Madlyn admits. “I mean, not that I hate to say I’m pro-ultimatum, but being given that extreme situation, and the intensity of it … it was the only thing that was gonna make me dig deep and be like, ‘How much do I love this guy?’ And weigh out what that loss could be versus what my life would be with him really.”