After weeks of waiting Arie Luyendyk Jr. is finally going shirtless. OK, technically it has only been four weeks since the premiere, but in Bachelor time, that is the equivalent of four years. The former race driver is showing off his abs on the Lake Tahoe group date, and while fans are definitely loving the eye candy, some are distracted by what appears to be a scar.

"Hey @ariejr, how’d you get your scar?" one fan tweeted following the preview of the group date, which shows Arie enjoying Jacuzzi time with some lucky ladies. While we don't know what caused — or if that is even a scar — the reality star was previously injured in a racing accident in 2014. Skip ahead to 1:05 to see a sneak peek of Arie shirtless!

"Still at hospital just want to thank the @TORCOffRoad safety crew for getting out safely," he tweeted following the roll-over crash where he broke his collarbone. He proceeded to share an X-ray from the accident and kept fans informed of his progress. However, that scary injury did little to deter Arie, 36, from returning to the race track.

Along with a scar, it seems viewers will get a look at some of Arie's tattoos as well on tonight's episode. Along with the "24601" tattoo on his wrist, which was inspired by the musical Les Miserable, fans get an up-close look at the large tattoo on his right ribcage and the angel wings on his biceps thanks to the shirtless moment. Fun fact: he got the wing tattoos to cover up the name of his ex, Cassie, following their split. As for the Broadway reference, Arie explained, "I just connected with that character, and I saw the play in London and so I got a tattoo." We can definitely see the similarities between Arie and Jean Valjean…

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