Before you start posing with your hand on your hip for every photo this summer, try Kourtney Kardashian‘s favorite arm-toning exercises. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s trainer Amanda Lee picked five moves that will help with any jiggle you may want to see gone.

The fitness guru revealed on Poosh that there are three main causes that lead to having excess “arm flab” — gaining weight, not doing enough physical activity and age. Everyone’s weight fluctuates now and again due to hormonal changes, stress or just because life happens. However, it’s important for your physical and mental health to incorporate movement into your daily routine. Go for a walk, take a bike ride or stand in your living room and try these five exercises.

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Amanda calls for free weights to be used but there are still benefits to doing it with no weight at all if you need to modify. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have your own weights. Instead, get creative and try using items you may have in the house (like cans from the pantry), just make sure they’re the same weight.

The first move is tricep kickbacks. Start with a weight in each hand and face your palms toward your torso. Hinge at the hips, keeping your back straight and a slight bend in your knee. “Keep upper arms close to your torso and parallel to the floor. There should be a 90-degree angle formed between your forearm and upper arm,” the fitness babe explained. Your upper arms should be completely still as you bend at the elbow until your arms are straight. “After a brief pause at the top contraction, inhale and slowly lower the dumbbells back down to the starting position.”

Next up are lateral raises. Stand straight with a weight in each hand. Keeping a slight bend in your elbows, lift your arms until they are parallel with the floor. The key to this exercise is keeping your torso still, this is “not a swinging motion.” Amanda advised to “pause for a second” when your arms are fully raised at the top. If you’re unable to, it might be an indication that the weights are too heavy. Lower your arms and repeat.

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Keep those weights in your hands because bicep curls are up. “Keep your elbows close to your torso and rotate the palms of your hands until they are facing forward,” the trainer said about the proper set up before starting the movement. Curl the weights up to shoulder level while keeping your bicep flexed. “Hold the contracted position for a brief pause as you squeeze your biceps. Then, inhale and slowly begin to lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.” Like the lateral raises, it’s important to keep your torso completely still.

Skull crushers are kind of like tricep kickbacks in a different position. Start by laying on your back with your feet flat on the floor and a weight in each hand. Hold the dumbbells straight up in the air over your chest — NOT over your face. That’s your money maker, honey. Without “flaring your elbows,” bend slowly “towards the sides of your head.” Bring your arms back up to the straightened position and repeat.

The final exercise in the circuit is dips. “Position your hands shoulder-width apart on a secured bench or stable chair. Slide your butt off the front of the bench with your legs extended in front of you,” Amanda wrote. Keep your back close to the bench and have a slight bend in your elbows. Slowly bend your elbows until they’re at 90-degrees and extend back into the starting position. The goal is to have the tension in your triceps, not your elbows, so be wary.

Congrats, you have successfully completely Kourtney’s arm circuit. One question: Where do we buy our tickets to the gun show?