How exciting! Kourtney Kardashian took to Instagram to announce a new project called Poosh on Monday, March 4. The 39-year-old looked incredibly hot in the promo shot, rocking nothing but a towel on her head as she sat naked on a bathroom counter, sipping tea and holding her laptop. The only problem? Fans have no idea what Poosh actually is! Here’s what we know about the mysterious announcement.

What Is Poosh?

So far, nobody really knows. There’s definitely a website involved, but it’s unclear if that’s just the name of her site, or if it’s a whole company. Some clues could be found on the Poosh Instagram page, which shows a stylized collage over the same sexy photo with quotes that say “this isn’t a monologue, it’s a dialogue.” and shows another image of Kourtney sitting on the floor with a laptop in front of her, writing on a notepad.

That would lead us to believe it’s a lifestyle website, perhaps like Goop or Meghan Markle‘s now-defunct The Tig. However, there is also a YouTube channel linked to the website, which means there will likely also be some fun video content to go along with it. We can’t wait to learn more!

Where Did the Name ‘Poosh’ Come From?

It appears that Kourtney named the new project after her 6-year-old daughter Penelope Disick. For years, Kourtney and the other Kardashians have used the nickname Poosh for Kourt’s only daughter. In the caption of a sweet 2017 pic smooching her little girl, Kourtney wrote, “‘You’ll be her first role model, her first friend, her first love.’ My little Poosh 💋.” It’s unclear why Kourtney decided to name the site after P, but it’s still a super sweet gesture.

When Will the Site Become Active?

At this point, there’s no official date for the site to go live. Kourtney’s announcement simply said “coming soon,” as does the actual site. However, fans can add their name to a mailing list to be alerted when it goes live.

What Are Fans Saying?

Fans are going nuts over the exciting news on Twitter. “Wow. Really wondering can’t wait👍” said one excited follower. Others began making guesses as to what Poosh could actually be. “Launching hopefully something organic holistic clean and pure,” said a fan, guessing her healthy lifestyle will be the centerpiece of the project. “is Poosh the new Goop?” another asked. Looks like we just have to wait and see!