The Golden Bachelor contestant Ellen Goltzer won the second solo date with Bachelor Gerry Turner. Though fans loved getting to know her, Gerry ultimately chose to propose to Theresa Nist in the end.

Who Is Golden Bachelor’s Ellen Goltzer?

On night one, Ellen made a big first impression when she stepped out of the limo and yelled, “Roberta, we made it!” She soon revealed that Roberta was her long-time friend who encouraged her to go on the show. Ellen mentioned that her friend had cancer, and sadly, Roberta passed away in 2023 after filming. The premiere episode ended with a photo of Ellen’s best friend along with the text: “This season is dedicated in loving memory to Roberta Zaktzer.”

After the premiere, Ellen became a fan favorite with her bright smile and her memorable performance during episode 3’s talent show. “My name is Ellen and my talent is teaching sex education to middle school students,” she said on stage.

It was clear that this beauty had caught Gerry’s attention when, after a group date photo shoot, he gave her (and only her) a framed photo of the two from the day.

After Gerry presented her with the gift, Ellen cried and said she hadn’t felt that special in “a very long time.” Despite their obvious connection, she was sent home later on in the season after professing her love for the retiree.

What Does Golden Bachelor’s Ellen Goltzer Do?

Up until five years ago, Ellen, who holds a master’s degree in health education, lived in New York where she worked as a teacher. She’s since retired and moved to Florida, where she dedicates her time to other pursuits, like cocaptaining her pickleball team.

Ellen Goltzer on the Golden Bachelor 2
ABC/John Fleenor

Does Golden Bachelor’s Ellen Goltzer Have Kids?

The 71-year-old was previously married for 25 years and has two sons. According to her ABC bio, she’s “extremely close” with her boys and “loves playing pickleball, golf and card games with them.”

In a September 2023, Instagram post, Ellen posted about her boys, sharing that they’re supportive of her going on the show.

“When my two incredible sons told me they wanted me to be happy and find love again,” she wrote in a caption, “I took their advice and said, ‘Why not?’”

Did Ellen Goltzer Get a Solo Date on the Show?

Ellen was chosen for the second solo date. Before her evening with Gerry, she was given a choice of gowns (with the help of designer Michael Costello) before she and Gerry rode a hot air balloon at sunset.

During their outing, Gerry gave Ellen a pair of Neil Lane earrings before presenting her with a rose.

“Have you ever been kissed at 100 feet?” he asked before the pair shared a smooch.

Ellen later reflected on the evening in an Instagram post. “I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world!!!” she captioned footage of her getting ready for her date. “Thank you for turning me into a princess @michaelcostello we picked the PERFECT dress for the most perfect day.”

Even though she got sent home, Ellen did appear at Gerry and Theresa’s televised wedding on January 4, 2024. She paired her gown with the earrings from her date with Gerry, making it clear that she was nothing but supportive of the happy couple. Ellen also revealed that she has been back on the dating scene since filming on the show ended.