Fans are going ga-ga for The Golden Bachelor! The new show, which follows 72-year-old Gerry Turner on his quest for a second shot at love, has won hearts with its romance, drama and engaging stories of life and loss. With the popularity of the show, fans are already wondering if The Golden Bachelorette will be next.

Will There Be ‘The Golden Bachelorette’?

Any plans for The Golden Bachelorette spinoff series have not yet been confirmed but the show’s host, Jesse Palmer, thinks one should definitely be in the works.

“I can’t speak on behalf of executives or anybody else, obviously,” the television personality said. “I’m sure everyone’s waiting to see how this one goes first. But I know there are thousands of women across America deserving of that.”

He went on to suggest that fans will be even more interested in a new spinoff as Gerry gets closer to his final rose.

“As the show goes on, you learn more about these women, what they’ve been through,” Jesse told E! News. “I think there’s going to be a swell in support of there being a Golden Bachelorette. That’s my personal opinion.”

In addition, Jesse suggested a Golden Paradise series in Naples, Florida. “It would be perfect,” he said. “You can already see the group dates.”

Who Would Star in ‘The Golden Bachelorette’?

It seems any one of The Golden Bachelor season 1 contestants would make a great first Golden Bachelorette.

One stand-out is Joan Yvonne Vassos, a 60-year-old private school administrator from Rockville, Maryland. She left the mansion suddenly in episode 3 after learning startling news about her daughter, who had recently given birth.

Will There Be a 'Golden Bachelorette?’ Host Jesse Palmer Hints at Potential Series
ABC/John Fleenor

“It wasn’t a normal, everyday delivery at all. Things go wrong. Even if everything went right, you need your mom,” Joan said in a confessional. “My family will always be first. Once you become a mom, you’re always a mom, even when your kids are older. Nothing is more important.”

Fans were disappointed to see Joan leave the mansion, especially after she impressed Gerry during a talent show. While other contestants sang or showed off their dance moves, Joan read an original poem about meeting Gerry titled, “I Just Hope I Don’t Vomit on Your Shoes.”

Joan later addressed her departure in an Instagram Story. She thanked fans for their concerns about her family and noted that “sometimes the timing doesn’t work out with finding love.”

“Everyone at home is doing great and I hope one day I will get the chance at love again,” she added.

Patty James would be another great option for the potential spinoff series. The Golden Bachelor contestant, who was sent home on the first week, is the mother of former Bachelor star Matt James and a retired real estate professional from Durham, North Carolina.

In her ABC bio, Patty says, “I want to meet someone who loves and cherishes me that I can live out my golden years with.”