So many women made a great first impression on the premiere episode of The Golden Bachelor. However, bachelor Gerry Turner could only present one lucky lady with the first impression rose. Not surprisingly, this honor went to the fun-loving and multi-talented Faith Martin.

Who Is Faith Martin?

Faith is a high school teacher from Benton City, Washington and is 61 as of publication. She has many interests and talents, including radio hosting, singing and horseback riding.

On the premiere episode of The Golden Bachelor, Faith impressed Gerry when she arrived at the mansion on a motorcycle. After pulling off her helmet, the spirited single said she was proof that you can “live fast and not die young.” Later, she wowed Gerry again by serenading him with her guitar.

Faith finds herself on the show after being married for 21 years and getting divorced in 2005. According to ABC, “Faith has two sons and four grandkids that she loves more than anything in this world.”

Faith the Golden Bachelor inline
Courtesy of Bachelor Nation/YouTube

Where Is Faith Martin From?

Faith hails from Benton City, Washington, a town with a population of less than 4,000 in the south-central part of the state. On their hometown date, she took Gerry on a horseback ride, although he had reservations about her rural lifestyle not being in sync with his own, as farm life wasn’t for him.

Why Did Faith Martin Get the First Impression Rose?

Gerry was clearly impressed with Faith when she rode in on a motorcycle and he seemed to be taken with her when she sang a “gorgeous” song as she played the guitar. However, when he presented the grandmother of four with a rose, he revealed that something else swayed his decision.

“I want you to know you made this impression not because you rode in on a motorcycle, not even because you have a beautiful voice and sang a song to me,” Gerry shared, “but because of what you are doing right now, you are making me feel very special.”

Gerry later reflected on his decision during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

“Of course, her entrance on a motorcycle stood out,” he said. “Later, when I met her for a brief conversation, her singing really stood out. But I think the reason she got that first impression rose was the look in those soft brown eyes. That was really pretty wonderful.”

Faith also opened up about the honor in an Instagram post days after the premiere episode aired. “I felt so special getting the first impression rose from Gerry 🌹,” she captioned a clip from the episode.

But are Faith and Gerry a perfect match? That’s still yet to be seen.

ABC says Faith is “looking for someone with whom to enjoy the thrills of life” and is “hoping that Gerry is her perfect adventure partner!” So far, the two are off on the right foot.