Actor Mike Myers made a rare public appearance at the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievements Gala on April 27. The Shrek star has faced plastic surgery rumors from fans over the years. The rumors were reignited after his recent outing and caused fans to wonder if Mike had received a facelift. Dr. Ramtin Kassir, Triple Board-Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, exclusively weighed in with his own thoughts with Life & Style.

“It looks as though he had a facelift and fat transfer because the cheeks are full and the jawline and neck crisp. He could’ve had filler, although this definitely looks like surgical procedures,” Dr. Kassir, who has not worked with Mike, tells Life & Style.

“It appears in this image that Mike Myers may have undergone a facelift as his skin exhibits a remarkable tautness devoid of substantial wrinkles or sagging, notably accentuated by the crisp delineation of his neck,” Dr. Kassir continues, referencing a photo of Mike, 60, from the AFI event. “Furthermore, there are indications suggestive of a potential fat transfer procedure; his cheeks boast a plumpness and a level of sculpted definition uncommon for an individual of his age.”

However, Dr. Kassir also points out that the 54 star could have opted for “non-surgical interventions such as fillers which can effectively augment volume in specific areas and refine the jawline.” The plastic surgeon adds that the “application of neurotoxins could have been employed to alleviate fine lines and wrinkles,” but that he feels like Mike’s look leaned “towards a more substantial surgical intervention.”

Did Mike Myers Get a Facelift?
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The Saturday Night Live alum was one of the most popular stars of the late ‘90s and early 2000s with hit films like Wayne’s World and Austin Powers, but over the past several years he seems to have avoided the limelight. In October 2016, Amy Hill, who costarred with Mike in The Cat in the Hat, spoke to The A.V. Club about her experience working with him and described him as a “little hermit.”

“He had his handlers dress his trailer, and his area was all covered with tenting because he didn’t want anybody seeing him,” Amy, 70, told the publication. “It was so weird. It was just the worst. It was like I was there forever, and my daughter was 2 and a half and I felt like I was missing her first everything. I was miserable. I just thought it was really rude for him to not take all of us into consideration.”

Mike hasn’t been seen on screen since his turn in the film Amsterdam in 2022. However, while it’s been rumored he might be returning for another film in the Austin Powers franchise, nothing has been confirmed.