Ageless Beauty! Gwen Stefani’s Transformation Over the Years

No Doubt legend Gwen Stefani has been in the music business for over two decades, and it seems like she gets more and more beautiful with each passing year. Cosmetic experts think the 51-year-old may have gotten a little help from plastic surgery — though the mother of three has never discussed going under the knife with fans.

“It looks like Gwen has had cheek filler, a rhinoplasty to smooth out the bump that can be seen on the side view of her nose, Botox to drop her upper lip to reduce her gummy smile, lip injections (see the bumpiness of her top lip) and a chin implant,” , who has never treated Gwen personally, previously told Life & Style. 

Another doc who hasn’t treated the pop star, , also weighed in with his opinion on what procedures Gwen may have undergone in recent years. “ where Gwen is displaying her ‘new look,’ it appears people are questioning the amount of filler she’s had,” the expert explained to Life & Style about a photo of Gwen in November 2019. The doc speculated she may have had cheek and chin fillers, which are “very common” facial procedures.

“Finally, much of her appearance is her makeup and lighting and certainly filters as well,” he noted. “Gwen is a beautiful person.”

A third cosmetic and laser medicine expert, Dr. Leslie Gerstman, also speculated the blonde beauty may have had “a lip augmentation” at some point. “It also appears like she’s had Botox to soften her crow’s feet and lift her brows,” the doc explained to Life & Style, though the specialist has not treated Gwen before.

Gwen, who married Blake Shelton in July 2021, got her start in the music business in 1986 when she was recruited to provide vocals for an up-and-coming ska band — which became the legendary No Doubt. Since then, she has seen great success as a solo singer and just finished up a Las Vegas residency that began in 2018. She has also been a judge on-and-off for NBC’s The Voice.

Scroll through the gallery below to see Gwen Stefani’s transformation over the years.