Retired restaurateur Gerry Turner is ready to find love on ABC’s new hit dating show, The Golden Bachelor, but fans are eager to learn more about him – including where he calls home. 

Where Is The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner From? 

Gerry calls Indiana home, and lives in his dream house situated right on a lake. He grew up in Ottumwa, Iowa, as the youngest of four kids and now spends his retirement watching and supporting his favorite Chicago sports teams, hanging out with friends and playing pickleball. 

Who Was Gerry Turner’s Wife?

Gerry met his late wife, Toni, while he was just a high school student. Revealing that he used to go to the local YMCA because he “couldn’t wait to get there,” Gerry’s enthusiasm was all due to his future wife frequenting the same place. The two quickly struck a love for the ages, and while Gerry was a student at the University of Iowa, he and Tori made plans to tie the knot.

Gerry was a food business professional and worked towards a dream retirement with his wife, who worked as a volunteer coordinator for a hospital. Saving up their money so they could afford the lake home that Gerry lives in now, the duo had plans to retire in Indiana and watch their two daughters, Jenny and Angie, raise their own children.

How Did Gerry Turner’s Wife Die?

Tragically, Tori and Gerry didn’t get to live through their golden retirement years together. In 2017, just shortly after they moved into their dream home, Tori suffered a bacterial infection and died just eight days later. Speaking to The New York Times about his late wife and how their story would be told on the show, Gerry lamented, “I wanted to make sure that the story of my wife’s passing was told in a kind and sensitive way, and never sensationalized. I really didn’t want to tell that story over and over. I wanted it to be out there for people to know, but I also wanted to move on.”