Matt James was thrust into the spotlight following his run on season 25 of The Bachelor. However, it’s officially his mom Patty James’ turn as she competes on the first season of the Golden Bachelor in hopes of winning Gerry Turner’s heart. Apart from his mom, Matt has also spoken about his relationships with his father and older brother. 

Matt and His Mom Are Very Close

The Bachelor Nation alum was raised by his mom, Patty James, a single mother. He called her his “inspiration” during an interview with Wake Forest Magazine, a publication produced by his alma mater. He regularly posts photos of and with his parent on his Instagram, so it appears they have a special bond.

When he announced the news he would lead season 25 of the ABC dating series on Good Morning America, he made sure to mention his mama. “She’s going to be excited,” he gushed in June 2020.

Bachelor Matt James and Mom Patty
Courtesy Matt James/Instagram

Later that month, Matt revealed how excited his mother was for his Bachelor Nation journey to begin — and all the grandchildren it would hopefully bring. “I think the grandkid counter for my mom started when the announcement was made,” Matt told host Chris Harrison during The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! specials, adding she’d love “a basketball team” of kiddos running around someday soon.

Matt’s best friend and roommate, Tyler Cameron, explained during the special that Matt’s ideal woman would share a lot of qualities with his mom. “You’re going to look for someone who resembles his mother. His mother is one of the sweetest ladies: Very lovely, very willing to help and serve others in the community and someone that’s ready to get on the ground and change the world,” the former Bachelorette contestant revealed. “That’s what Matt’s going to do — he’s going to change the world.”

In August 2023, Patty was announced as one of the 22 impressive women vying for the Golden Bachelors’ last rose. According to her official ABC bio, she’s a retired real estate agent who loves “coffee, wearing body glitter and sailing.”
Patty shared her Golden Bachelor headshot via Instagram, which she captioned, “Sooo exciting…” In the comments section, Matt left a series of heart and flame emojis and reposted her photo to his Instagram Stories to show his support, writing, “I ccc uuu mama.”

Matt Reconciled With His Father During ‘The Bachelor’

The ABC Food Tours founder sat down with his estranged dad, Manny James, to make amends during episode in March 2021. The pair’s conversation was emotional — and addressed Manny cheating on Matt’s mom — but ended on an uplifting note.

“I want to have a relationship with you going forward and in order to have that you have to understand where I’m at,” Matt told his dad. “It had to get to this point. Whatever I can do to make it better, I’ll work on it. I want you to be happy,” Manny replied. “I want you to have a relationship that’s healthy and not what I went through.”

Matt Has a Brother Named John

John appeared on screen when Matt brought his final two contestants, Michelle Young and Racheal Kirkconnell, to meet him and his mom during the March 2021 finale of The Bachelor. 

After the experience, John opened up on his insights into the dating series, noting he “couldn’t really take it seriously.” 

“I had this conversation with my mom,” John said during a March 2021 appearance on the “Higher Learning” podcast, referring to Patty. “I said, ‘This to me is not what I perceive personally as reality and like an actual real dynamic that somebody would experience in everyday life.’ … Because who in their right mind could come to a serious conclusion in two-three months for a lifetime decision?”