Turns out, moms really are superheroes. On Wednesday, March 18, Ashley Graham hosted a “virtual positivity” Instagram Live for her fans that are social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to spouting some serious wisdom, the longtime model, 32, rocked her newborn baby, Isaac, to sleep. 

Talk about a balancing act, huh? Currently, Ashley is staying with her mom in Nebraska and is fully embracing the quality family time. “Hi, guys! Raise your hand if you don’t shower during quarantine,” she joked. “It’s 11 a.m., I just had breakfast. My mom made almond biscuits with whole 30 bacon and eggs. Yum.”

Ashley Graham Son Isaac Baby Photos
Courtesy of Ashley Graham/Instagram

The “Pretty Big Deal” podcast host went on to acknowledge the more negative side effects of isolation. “This whole quarantine can really start to get to you and I wanted to make sure that everybody was breathing and taking this all in,” Ashley expressed, adding a special thank you to all those “who are risking their lives to be out and take care of the rest of the people.” 

Of course, Ashley was also gracious enough to share some of her powerful methods. “Something that I’ve been doing since I was about 19 that’s really helped me through critical times is affirmations,” the American Beauty Star host said. “Your words have power, your words will determine your future and how you really care about yourself. I just want to encourage everybody to write stuff down.”

Ashley then shared a story about one of her close friends who had “an anxiety attack” recently. “It was really heartbreaking that I wasn’t with her and couldn’t go over to her house and calm her down,” Ashely admitted. “I told her, ‘Your words have power,’ and we went through breathing exercises and everything was fine.” 

Ashley Graham on IG Live
Courtesy of Ashley Graham/Instagram

The body positivity advocate concluded: “Just because we’re not together doesn’t mean we can’t all connect.” Well said, Ashley! Isaac is so lucky to have a mom like you.

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