Oh, Ashley Graham, what did we do to deserve you? On Tuesday, March 12, the model, 31, took to her Instagram Stories to share a hilarious behind-the-scenes snapshot. “This is what happens in most of my fittings,” the brunette beauty captioned a picture of herself seemingly caught in a blue, mesh shirt.

While we can’t be positive, it appears as though whoever is assisting Ashley put on the piece is trying to cut hole in the neck area… you know, so her freakin’ head will fit. There’s also a second pair of hands pulling down the fabric in the back of the garment.

Ashley Graham struggling to fit into a shirt.

Go ahead and judge all you want, but we bet you’ve been there before. Hell, we sure have. How do you think we got into our prom dresses back in the day? In fact, we have no doubt that we’ll be forced to use this method on our wedding day. All jokes aside, Ashley’s transparency about her struggles with weight and self-image is exactly what makes her such an icon.

Speaking with Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Ashley discussed the very moment that her impact on shaping today’s generation of women occurred to her. “After my TED talk came out, I had a girl with an eating disorder write me and say that I had instilled so much confidence in her, that watching me talk with confidence about my own body had encouraged her to seek treatment,” she explained. 

“That’s when I realized, ‘Holy crap, me sharing my story is going to change people’s lives.’” Change people’s lives, indeed. Ashley’s unwavering commitment to changing the face of the modeling industry has been a breath of fresh air. Additionally, she has created and been in campaigns for a lingerie and swimsuit line for women of all shapes and sizes. In conclusion: Ashley is the body positivity queen we all need in our loves.

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