To the humans all over the world with big boobs, Ashley Graham feels your pain! That said, the 31-year-old model still manages to have a killer workout routine. “I have never let my body come in the way of training and training hard,” the 31-year-old captioned her latest fitness post on Instagram on Wednesday, May 1.

“Boobs, butt, tummy — nothing stops me from moving my body and taking control of my health!” Ashley declared. Heck yeah, girl! Does anyone else feel super inspired to find a properly fitting sports bra and hit the gym right now? Because we sure do. 

Unsurprisingly, plenty of Ashley’s joined in on the working out with big boobs conversation and voiced some grievances/observations of their own. “This is a real problem that [people] that want big boobs don’t even know exists! I feel you,” one user commented. “Boobs are really annoying when you’re working out. I hate jumping and being afraid of hurting my mouth,” added another.

ashley graham lingerie plus size model addition elle

“Sometimes when I put my sports bra on it creates a perfect little chin rest,” someone chimed in. To be honest, that doesn’t sound so bad, actually. Who can’t use a chin rest every now and again?

Thankfully, this kind of post is hardly uncommon for Ashley. As a huge advocate for body positivity, the Nebraska native is constantly using her platform to preach self-love and acceptance. “Someone once told me my thighs were ‘cellulite city’. But I now realize these thighs tell a story of victory and courage,” she previously wrote on social media. “I will not let others dictate what they think my body should look like for their own comfort, and neither should you.”

Thank you for always practicing what you preach, Ashley! You’re a true inspiration.

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