What do you do when you desperately want to become a model but you're not nearly tall enough? Get longer legs, duh.

Thirty-year-old Alexandra Transer actually sought leg-lengthening surgery after realizing at 5-foot-4, she just wasn't going to cut it on the runway.

"I had tried to get into modeling school when I was 17 but was told by the director that because I had stopped growing the only way I would ever be the right height was if I grew leg extensions," she told the 'Mirror.' "So that’s exactly what I decided to do.

Though extremely painful, Transer used the Ilizarov apparatus, which is a surgically attached device that creates new bone growth, while at the same time cutting an exterior portion of the bone away.

The surgical procedures didn't come cheap, either. She saved a whopping $9,000 by working as an engineering assistant, which she had to skip college to do. #Priorities.

Since the surgery, Transer has grown an impressive 2.4 inches and plans to do at least two more leg-lengthening procedures before 2018.

"I’ll probably be told I’m too old to be a model by then, but I’ll dye my hair blonde and at least I will look and feel like one," she told the 'Mirror.'

They say beauty is pain … but it shouldn't be this much pain!