Smokin’ hot Chris Soules has been on his epic journey to find love on The Bachelor — with his shirt off, no less! — but all anyone can focus on is contestant Ashley Salter, who seemingly had a mental breakdown during last night’s episode.

The 24-year-old hairstylist from Brooklyn, N.Y., had viewers questioning if she was mentally disturbed or just intoxicated as she crawled on the ground to talk to a cat and had difficulty finishing a complete sentence. This was also the same girl who was caught obsessing over an onion, which ended up being a pomegranate, in the first episode.

ashley salter bachelor crazy

{Photo Credit: ABC}

But ‘The Bachelor’ himself has weighed in on Ashley S. and reassured fans that she’s not THAT crazy — just a little different.

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“A lot of people have been asking me about [Ashley S],” he wrote in his blog for ‘People.’ “They want to know if she is really that crazy. Ashley S. is definitely different. She’s also beautiful. And sweet. And not that crazy. Did she say some things that were a little off-the-wall? Sure. She also said some things that made a lot of sense.

“It’s not easy dating the same guy as your housemates and then having a bunch of cameras televise it,” he continued. “The experience was hard for her, and she expressed that to me. I really respected that, and because of that I was all for giving her a few extra chances.”

Love is blind. Obviously.