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Bachelor Nation on the Loose: The Craziest Stories About Contestants Sneaking out During the Show

Being a contestant on the Bachelor or Bachelorette sounds totally fun at first; you get to wear pretty dresses, make awesome friends, and travel around the world on the show's dime. That is, until you realize that the contestants get to see nothing but the inside of a hotel room unless they get a date that week! That's probably why so many have admitted to sneaking out to do a little exploring. Scroll through the gallery below to see all of the wild stories!

Raven Gates was the most recent person to share her wild breakout story. On March 22 she took to Instagram to reveal how she and Jasmine Goode went for a joy ride in New Orleans. There have been many reasons for these unscheduled excursions, from a desire for more time with the bachelor, to getting tasty snacks, to getting matching tattoos!

But getting out isn't as simple as walking out the front door. “There are low-level producers that would stand guard outside of the hotel room,” Sean Lowe admitted in an interview with Travel and Leisure. His wife, Catherine, says traveling was actually kind of a bummer because of it. “You’re more sequestered until the end," she said. "So, like the last four weeks you get to do a lot more, but when I was in Thailand I only got to explore one day. The dates are really extravagant, so you get to experience the culture and the city, but not like you would if you’re backpacking." That's probably why the stars below took things into their own hands. Scroll through to see them all!