Summer is in full swing, which means the new season of Bachelor in Paradise is right around the corner! The Bachelor and Bachelorette spin-off takes past contestants from the franchise and plants them in Mexico for another shot at love (or at least a steamy hookup or two). And Life & Style has all the exclusive behind-the-scenes details from Season 4!

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But, like most fans know, this season almost didn’t happen. Contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson were involved in a sexual encounter that producers originally labeled as misconduct. The network sent the entire cast home before launching an investigation, but promptly resumed filming after discovering that there was no legal issue. Still, the cast spent a lot of time gossiping about the scandal behind-the-scenes.

“They spoke about [Corinne and DeMario] freely and openly,” a source reveals, “and about how they felt about their portrayal in the media.”

Once those convos ran their course, the contestants got back to business. “PDA was still a thing,” the source continues. “Lots of making out, touching, holding hands. Nobody had to hold back.”

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That’s good to hear, because at first we assumed the upcoming season would be a lot tamer because of the incident. Of course, it did inspire some new rules during filming. Contestants have a two-drink-per-hour limit and need to provide consent before hooking up (which we hope they were all doing already!)

We honestly can’t wait to watch the drama unfold for ourselves! Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday, August 14, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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