Before contouring and a Kanye West-approved makeover, Kim Kardashian was just Paris Hilton's BFF trying to make it in Hollywood.

Another accessory like her famed pooch Tinkerbell, Kim was everywhere the socialite went, even appearing on her reality show The Simple Life. Back then, Kim was known for organizing the closets of stars, which included her very famous BFF's wardrobe.

“I had to organize and color-coordinate it, and help her with my styling advice, what she needs to get rid of, what she needs to fill back in, you know, do personal shopping," Kim told Player magazine in 2006. "With her, it was mostly getting rid of stuff because she's a compulsive shopper. Now, her garage is filled with clothes again. It's overwhelming.”

It seems their friendship ran its course when Kim starting gaining her own notoriety, thanks to a leaked sex tape and a little reality show known as Keeping Up With the Kardashians. While fans may think they know everything about the Selfish author — there are some appearances, outfits, and friends we have a feeling have been swept under the rug on purpose.

Now, one of the most famous women in the world, we're sure the 37-year-old reality star wishes she could delete a few throwback photos from her past — including any proof that she ever stepped out on a dance floor!

Click through the slideshow for 13 pics we're positive the mother-of-two doesn't want you to see!