Bejeweled brows on fleek! The latest Instagram trend to sweep across our news feeds may actually be one we try out — it's that beautiful. Created by the body artists at The Gypsy Shrine, the look is perfect for anyone who wants to try out a fun festival look in a much more wearable way. Check out the video above to see the new trend in action!

"With The Gypsy Shrine HQ spending our days designing new jewels and covering our bodies head to toe in our products, we thought, where else can we put our jewels? Our brows! With the brow trend on fleek these days, we thought we had to impress and go bold," creative director Jenna Meek recently said to Cosmopolitan.

The glitter artists create the looks by positioning the special Mix 'N' Match jewels in a pretty pattern and securing them in place with eyelash glue. It's that simple! It's nice that this new look provides a temporary option compared to the previous viral Instagram trend, fishtail brows, which required you to shave a portion of your eyebrow off…

"We’re all about setting new trends! What’s everyone’s thoughts on The Gypsy Shrine’s Jewel Brows?" the creators wrote on Instagram. Fans quickly took to the comments section to rave about the new look, so we suspect it won't be long before we see more pics of the fun look popping up on our feeds. "That actually looks so good!!!!" one person wrote, while another added, "Omg so cool! I wanna try."

While the jeweled eyebrow trend is pretty simple to recreate on your own, the artists behind The Gypsy Shrine have provided several other different tutorials on their website if you're looking for even more glitter. Compared to the full-body looks, the jeweled eyebrow is for sure the simplest, most wearable option.