Various eyebrow trends quickly took over the Internet in 2017. From squiggle brows to eyebrow wigs, beauty gurus all over social media quickly created new and innovative ways to make their eyebrows a little more unique. And most recently, tattoo-artist-turned-makeup-innovator Kat Von D is bringing a brand new product to the eyebrow game with her company Kat Von D Beauty.

It was just months ago that the LA Ink alum teased a line of rainbow eyebrow powders, and just recently, the 35-year-old took to her company’s Instagram story to give fans a sneak peek of the product. In the pic, Kat can be seen with a wig cap on and some bright red brows. On the pic, she wrote, “Super brow coming your way this April!!”

kat von d eyebrows

And from the looks of the post from October, there are set to be an option for literally every hair color. “SNEAK PEEK,” she wrote in the caption of a pic featuring 16 round containers seemingly containing brow pomade. “I know I shouldn’t be posting about this so early, but I just can’t help it! Are you guys ready for THE BEST bullet-proof long-wear eyebrow product of all time?! And in every mixable shade to match your hair?! I’ll be launching [three] different brow formulas this Spring.”

It’s clear that Kat is really making her mark in the beauty industry. And though she rose to fame from her tattoo artwork, she credits her success in the makeup world to her growing Instagram presence. “I think Instagram has really changed everything; not just my brand, but also the makeup world in general,” she told Fashion Magazine in 2016. “Now there’s two different types of influencers — there’s the professional makeup artists that are working every day on photo shoots or runway or editorial stuff, and then there’s ones that are creating really amazing and inspiring looks like lip art and things like that for Instagram that may not necessarily be practical for everyday wear.”

Alright, real talk, is anyone else seriously contemplating dying their hair to match one of these crazy eyebrow shades?? We are counting down the days ’til April!