We all know that Instagram is chock-full of strange beauty trends. And the latest in lip art comes in the form of what bloggers and grammers have dubbed “caviar lips.”

By placing little beads and pearls all over the lips, makeup artists are creating these insanely intricate looks — and we can’t get enough! Watch the video below to see some of the best designs on Instagram.

By using either lash glue or little primer, these innovative makeup enthusiasts are attaching jewels and gems on their lips, and Instagrammer Vlada Haggerty broke down her process for creating the look. “’Black Caviar’ lip art created with genuine black diamonds and black onyx beads,” she wrote in the caption.

Fans couldn’t hold back their excitement over the unique trend. “Love your work!!!! All awesome!!!” one fan wrote, while another added, “Love this!!! You keep coming up with more smashing works of art each and every time.”

Even though we don’t think this lipstick choice is conducive to kissing or eating or pretty much anything else, we have to admit, it’s pretty cool! What do you think of the new trend?